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I registered this website the day after I reckoned treason had been committed in the House of Commons on 5th March 2008. The promised referendum on the EU constitution, renamed the Lisbon Treaty, was denied the British people and corrupt politicians took it upon themselves to hand over even more of OUR sovereignty to the vast, corrupt, bureaucracy that wants to control every aspect of our lives.

To be honest, it was impossible with my limited free time to try to catalogue all of New Labour's crimes against the British people. I could probably have added a dozen articles a day and still only touched the surface.

On my new blog - Real Street - I will cover a whole range of topics that concern or amuse me, but I will continue to write about New Labour's hatred for our country, customs and sovereignty; our young people, our old people, our sick people and babes in the womb; British workers; Christians and families; honesty and decency; standards in education; our privacy and victims of crime; last, but not least: peace and truth - New Labour hates what normal people don't.


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Pond Life?



Bryan Gould disowns New Labour

The former top Labour figure is "sick to the stomach" and disowns "this so-called Labour government".


The Nation Speaks - Part III

NEW 22/2/09 - Paddy Connaughton from Bolton.


Poster Series - Part 2: Brown's Betrayal is Labour's Shame

More posters and leaflet ideas wanted.


The 'wisdom' of a New Labour prole

I feel sad for people like this.


New Poster Series: Dying to vote Labour?

Politics to die for - that's New Labour.


Geert Wilders and the Fight for Europe

Does defending Western values constitute “inciting hatred”?


The threat of Islam is real

It will serve us right if we become Dhimmis in our own country.


The Nation Speaks - Part II

Paul Mullins searched for 'treason' and 'Labour' on Google. This site was ranked Number One. He writes about our treasonous leaders and his UKIP past.


The Nation Speaks - Part I

First in a series of what the people of Britain are telling me.


Red Faces

A round-up of Labour's gaffes in just the past few days.


Police taser 89-year-old in Llandudno

First, it was on-the-spot fines. Now, it is on-the-spot pain. Well done Jacqui Smith and New Labour.


Sycophants required for new Labour blog

New Labour blog is run by the Party Machine, so you'd better be nice.


Labour's new spoof website

Ve heff vays of making you laugh (but this isn't one of them).


EU Launches 1984-Style Crackdown On Light Bulbs

There is an interesting parallel with '1984' as the World's governments (=World Government) ban the 100 watt light bulb.


More home PCs expected to be hacked into by the police

It just keeps on getting more unbelievable.


The Year Ahead: May God help us all

We must stop pretending we can go it alone. We truly cannot. History proves that when a society becomes reprobate, the only way is down.


Crime and punishment in this liberal la-la land

Here is a classic example of justice in New Labour's land of perversion.


Criminals and fatties: come and join the British Army

Tattoos on neck are OK too!


So this is Christmas

Faith, hope and gluttony


Blix may testify against Iraq war makers

The former top UN inspector said Cheney had also threatened to defame ElBaradei and him if they refused to provide the "required" information on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction.


"Gay rights" causing division again in the fight for tolerance!

Why are homosexuals so keen to deny themselves the thrill that we heterosexuals are encourged to experience through 'celebrating diversity'?


Labour's Families in Britain paper admits married parents are best for children

So after all that, they still ignore their own evidence and will continue to betray children, the country and common sense and decency.


An eminently sensible politician (sadly he's in the Lords, in opposition)

Let us go right back to 1997. Labour's 1997 election manifesto stated that all modern countries, "must have firm control over immigration and Britain is no exception".


The politics of sex: Labour miss their "targets" as teenage pregnancies rise

Feminist, eugenicist and Nazi sympathiser, Marie Stopes, was a 'pioneer' in family planning, so it is hardly surprising that the whole industry is depraved and manipulative.


Romantic comedies ruin love lives, warns scientist

Hollywood romantic comedies give “unrealistic expectations” of relationships and could ruin people’s lives, scientists have warned today.


Alternative Currencies Grow in Popularity

Local currencies might make sense to keep trade going in a depression.


A shameful government of cowards that hates heroes

The family of a Gurkha killed last month in Afghanistan is threatened with deportation.


Can I have a consonant please, Carol?

Thanks for the good times.


Too busy to write



Financial Times Editorial Admits Agenda For Dictatorial World Government

"For years we were called paranoid nutcases for warning about the elite’s plans to centralize global power."


Politically-correct Britain Runs on Lies

Here, I am trying to fit the pieces together that unite the global 'elite', politicians, charities and the media.


Never ask a barmy Prime Minister... a simple question

"How are you?" Sometimes you wish you hadn't asked.


Another call to ban faith schools so that we can enjoy equality, celebrate diversity and live happily ever after

It is the usual MO whereby the government decides what is to be "achieved," then uses the "advice" given by a registered 'charity' funded by other charities and government departments who they know will spin the case for the government.


Email from Gordon

My Hotmail account asks: "Mark as safe" or "Mark as unsafe" which had me thinking.


Hand over your papers. And your money.

"Best stock up on stuff you can barter." Very good advice.


Footage of police searching Damian Green's office


Gordon Brown's Downfall - The prequel [VIDEO]


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Abortion

Hat-tip to Cranmer for reporting on the latest sick trick from the abortion industry.


The Jackboots Are On The Move

If the police acted alone, how have they got the authority to behave in such a jackbooted way towards an elected member of parliament?


How political correctness in the police has perverted natural justice

I was so appalled at the treatment of a police officer by his colleagues that I telephoned Norfolk Constabulary...

Government pays for 10,000 more tasers, but the Met rejects the offer

...but the other forces across England and Wales are expected to take delivery of their share.

Has Labour's treason extended to bankrupting the country?


Abortion, Equality and Dangers of Humanism

"Because humanists take happiness and suffering into consideration, they are usually more concerned with the quality of life than the right to life, if the two come into conflict."

Land grabs possible to site travellers, but is it another Government social engineering experiment?

Is there something more sinister going on that the travellers should be aware of?

Labour MP rapped for his 'rude' blog

He has been downright rude to many of his colleagues - and also to me.

GPs focusing on patients who bring in bonuses

A report by Civitas accuses GPs of playing the system to attract maximum benefits at the expense of some patients - thanks to the Government's fixation with targets.

Feminism: a Curse on Women, Men and Children

Feminism has swept a tsunami of napalm over the armies in the 'battle of the sexes,' so-called, but did the CIA use feminism to destabalise society?

Government wants to push contraceptive jabs and implants on schoolgirls

I was under the impression that over the past couple of decades, the blitzkrieg of 'safer sex' propaganda and the availability of unlimited free condoms was intended to have the effect of reducing pregnancy.

Curly Cukes to be Decriminalised

Don't rush out to buy misshapen veg just yet, as it will still be a criminal offence to supply them until next summer. Punishment can be up to six months in prison or a £5,000 fine.


Multi-faith prayers for Parliament

"it is intended that a plethora of gods would each take it in turn to receive the prayers of the politicians..."

Government makes the right decision for a change. Have I missed something?



Adoption and the Great Smoking Con Exposed

The modern PC rules that ensure children are left to suffer in care homes.

Remembrance is not enough

At church yesterday morning, I observed the minute's silence to remember the fallen in war, just like so many times before. This year it occurred to me that just remembering is not enough.

Stonewall: Bigots of the Year or Government Stooges?

More proof that there is no equality - there is only a hierarchy of ideologies.


New Labour's Next Election Broadcast

Suddenly everything becomes clear!


Glenrothes: how could you?



Hazel Blears attacks Bloggers; Government wants 'Black Boxes' to record all websites visited

The Government fears free speech on the internet.


Obama wins, but will anyone else?

Obama promised in his victory speech that "change has come to America," but I'm pretty sure it will be a case of The More Things "Change" The More They Stay The Same.


Seen in Parliament Square today [PIC]



Every MP to receive a copy of Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four"

The books will be inscribed with the words, 'This book was a warning, not a blueprint' and will arrive at Parliament on or before November 5th - a date of well known historical significance for that building.


Gordon Brown is laughing at you

VIDEO: Gordon Brown laughing about a £500bn bailout of the banks. But guess who's paying for it and guess who helped get us in this disastrous situation?


Time to Scrap the TV Licence

At a time when people are calling for positive role models for young men, thanks mainly to damage caused by social engineering to deliberately undermine family life, we get Ross and Brand.


Eco-Surveillance Agents To Scan Home

I guess it is more Big Brother to have 'agents' snooping around in vans as part of surveillance operations.


Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones

Everyone who buys a mobile telephone will be forced to register their identity on a national database under government plans to extend massively the powers of state surveillance.


Victory for the Metric Martyrs as Government does a U-turn

"This isn't about weights and measures. It's about the determination of the state to impose its will on people."


EU to ban traditional light bulbs, but at what cost to health and the environment?

The dangers of energy saving fluorescent bulbs don't seem to matter to the environmentalistas.


Why is Labour so afraid of the BNP?

Labour's Mike Ion wants the "broadest possible coalition against the BNP." Why?


The smack of too much government

Amazingly, I found myself agreeing with this Labour MP


Under New Labour, "democracy" and "equality" should be rationed

To try and address certain issues by destroying decent society itself is beyond gross negligence - it is either wilful destruction or unparalleled ignorance.


Mandelson to return to Government

Despite having to resign twice before from the Cabinet and despite his previous antagonism towards Brown and despite New Labour's already disastrous image, Mandelson gets a free pass back to Government.


The Government has “sleeper” ministers in various departments monitoring "gay rights"

The Government has “sleeper” ministers in various departments monitoring gay rights, Deputy Leader Harriet Harman has said.


Brownites, Blairites and Ruth Kelly

Two factions of our beleaguered Government are angry about Ruth Kelly's leaked resignation - for different reasons.


Brown's Conference speech reveals a man terminally trapped in his own web of deceit

Mr Brown continued with the con trick: "We stand and we fight hard for fairness. We don't give in, and we never will."


New Labour's New Website - game for a laugh

It is better designed than its predecessor for sure. I think that's probably where the compliments end. Let's look at what the Party is telling us.


Labour MP Keith Vaz faces sleaze inquiry over his outrageous bid to sway judge on behalf of crooked lawyer friend

'I am not aware of any other precedent in modern times of politicians seeking to influence a member of the judiciary in this way. It raises serious questions about conduct.' (Vince Cable)


Political Animals - This Photo Collection of Animals Helps Us Understand Politicians Better

A humorous distraction. While taking things easy at the weekend, I looked through a large selection of lolcats and soon started thinking about politics again. Here's why...


Royal Mail Honours Eugenicist & Nazi Sympathizer

Royal Mail is set to honor Marie Stopes, a feminist who opened the first birth control clinic in Britain in 1921 as well as being Nazi sympathizer and a eugenicist who advocated that non-whites and the poor be sterilized.


Gordon Brown's Bizarre Email to Party Members

Today on LabourHome, I noticed someone had posted this bizarre email that the Prime Minister had sent to the Party faithful. See what you think...


MP calls for new Dr. David Kelly death probe after latest revelations

Looking at the evidence, if he was murdered by Iraqis, they were surely given a large helping hand by UK agents. At any rate, it seems that most Labour MPs are contented to sit back and allow whitewash inquiries to settle their consciences.


"Are you a Tory?"



MPs again call for compulsory sex lessons for young children - spot the hidden agendas

A cross-party group of MPs has written a letter to the Telegraph calling for the enforcement of sexual health and 'relationships' education in all schools, but look what they have in common!


Gordon Brown 'dissed our record' accuses Tony Blair in memo

Allies of Tony Blair have been accused of undermining Gordon Brown after a leaked memo showed the former Prime Minister heaping savage criticism on his successor.

Labour still not listening as they reduce the age of consent and aim to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland

Yet again, the gutter politics of Labour seem unstoppable; everyone being primed to stand together - in "equality" - at the gates of Hell.


Will Labour listen now as they try and pick up the pieces after losing Glasgow East?

Labour still promising to listen as the SNP's political earthquake becomes reality.


For many in Glasgow East, Labour picked up where Thatcher left off

When he was a boy, McLaughlin recalls, everyone had an expectation of work, wherever they lived. He never saw trouble as a boy, he says, and never saw the police. The women ran the social side of life, and the men went to work. He knows that dark and criminal things happened. But it occurred out of sight, beyond the fabric of daily life.


Taxpayer can bear no more, admits Alistair Darling

In his gloomiest assessment yet of the state of the British economy, Alistair Darling gave warning that the downturn was far more profound than he had thought and could last for years rather than months.


My New Blog

Whether you agree or disagree with me, have suggestions for articles, want to help me fight the lies and corruption of those who lord over us or just have nothing better to do than annoy me, feel free to leave a comment.


Concerns about proposed database holding details of every UK telephone call and email

Following speculation that the Government is considering the development of a database to record details of every telephone call, email, internet search, text message and online purchase, the Information Commissioner is warning of serious data protection issues.


Davis Romps Home where Labour Fears to Tread

He said the result was a 'shot across the bows of Gordon Brown's authoritarian government.'


Forgiveness hard to find for some after peer's inadvertent 'nigger in the woodpile' remark

Mr Vaz was born in Aden of Indian parentage, but he decides to turn the issue into a broader ethnic battle to try and make the most from Lord Dixon-Smith's unfortunate slip of the tongue.


Eliza Manningham-Buller, former MI5 chief, savages 42-day plan

The former head of MI5 dealt a huge blow to Gordon Brown’s plans to extend the detention of terrorist suspects to 42 days when she said the Government’s plans were wrong in principle and in practice.



Pretty in Pink: The Clown Prince of London at the End of a Very Bad Week

To show my willingness to write about bad politics across the board, I introduce another of my new websites, which asks, "Are the Tories suitable candidates to take over from Labour in this 'left-right' charade that is British politics?"


Labour finally seem to have a candidate for the Glasgow East by-election

LABOUR'S battle to win the Glasgow East by-election and save the premiership of Gordon Brown looked increasingly desperate last night after party chiefs were forced to parachute in a new big-hitting candidate.


Increased poverty is New Labour's shame (by a Labour MP)

This critique of Labour's failure to reduce poverty says that the leadership tried to "wriggle out" of implementing the minimum wage and concludes that the means-testing benefits system has been a failure.


Labour MP Admits US/UK Stealing the Oil and Fomenting Civil War in Iraq

"The US has no respect for any of the Shias, or Sunnis either, and an understandable reading of their strategy since they replaced the secular government of Iraq with a religious-based Shia one, is to keep them at each others throats."


Labour’s donors turn on Gordon Brown

Sir Gerry Robinson, a donor and former chairman of Granada TV and Allied Domecq, was scathing about Brown’s inability to delegate: “You can’t run a family like that, let alone the country.”


Labour mired in sleaze claims as Scots leader quits and MPs are accused of homes tax-dodge

The downfall of Wendy Alexander is a personal blow for Mr Brown. Along with her brother, the International Development Secretary, she was a key player in the Scottish political 'mafia' who helped Mr Brown plot his way to becoming Prime Minister.


Why Labour think they lost Henley

Harriet Harman Effect I. Labour has a problem with white working class men. So what do they do on polling day? Announce that Harman's new Equality Bill will discriminate against them.


"Constipated by Regulation" as Fruit Police Strike Again

Market trader's kiwi fruits are 1/25th inch too small and must be destroyed. Plus another 'metric martyr' in court for using imperial scales when customers ask for fruit and veg in British weights.


A Lesson in Ignorance? Brown Chides British Workers, Bribes Poor Parents into Vaccinating their Children and Fails to Realise that the UK's Problems were Caused by his Government

All the problems he will talk about are problems his government and preceding ones have created!


Brown and Blair are bullies and cowards, say their colleagues

Today's word is "Pusillanimous": adjective. ignobly lacking in courage: chickenhearted, cowardly, craven, dastardly, faint-hearted, lily-livered, unmanly. Slang: chicken, gutless, yellow, yellow-bellied.


Quislings Ratify Lisbon Treaty

The treachery will be formalised when the Queen signs the Bill into law.


Back Down, Mr Brown, the Lisbon Treaty is OFFICIALLY Dead (thank you Ireland)

We must use this Irish vote to put an end to the globalists' dream (our nightmare) of a one world government by stealth through creating continental superstates, where national sovereignty, even national identity and every freedom, is forfeited.


Government's Abuses of our Liberty Listed by Shadow Home Secretary as he Resigns as MP

Mr Davis said that the 42-day issue is perhaps "the most salient example of the insidious, surreptitious and relentless erosion of fundamental British freedoms." He then listed other erosions of our liberty.


More Children, Pensioners, Living in Poverty

Income inequality is "at a level higher than that which Labour inherited and equal to its highest level seen since the start of a consistent time series in 1961."


Who is Pulling Gordon Brown's Strings?

With the Australian Prime Minister calling for an Asian Union and a North American Union already underway, we can see the plan taking shape that will ultimately (or sooner than we expect) create a One World Government.


Outgoing Chairman of the Police Federation Attacks Government's Betrayal

This article gives us an insight into how the Government is re-engineering the police, for example, by using unqualified and inexperienced community support officers for regular duties and keeping qualified officers as a "paramilitary-type force."


Death of the West by the Enemies Within

As with many of our politicians, the enemy is within. At least when the purpose of the Trojan Horse became obvious, the people of Troy tried to fight for their country. Here, we have been conditioned to lie down and surrender.


Gordon Brown 'diverts rural aid to bribe voters'

"Official figures show that vast sums have been shifted from Tory-leaning country shires and transferred to Labour-supporting towns and cities over the past decade."


Will Gordon Brown help last British resident of Guantánamo receive a fair trial after six years of abuse, or let him face the death penalty based on "evidence" obtained by torture?

This is what the "civilised" West has turned into. Gordon Brown has the chance to do something positive for his image and ensure justice is done. Let us hope he grabs it with both hands.


How Political Interference is Turning the Police Against the People

Rather than tackling crime effectively, the report states, "We are bringing more and more people to justice but they are the wrong people."


Labour MEP's plan to ban Eurosceptic groups; Irish warned if they reject Treaty

Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, said, ”welcome to your future. This shows an EU mindset that is arrogant, anti-democratic and frankly scary. These people are so scared of public opinion they are willing to set in stone the right to ignore it."


What was Tony Blair trying to tell us in his speech at Yale University?

Tony Blair is a fine mouthpiece for the globalists. Seemingly pleasant, harmless and a little eccentric, but delivering poisonous ideology that some people are receiving with happy, ignorant ears.


Labour Conference abolishes Britishness

The comments show that Labour's policies may well, all along, have been to fragment the UK into constituent parts to encourage, not just political division among us, but a great animosity as well for a total sell-out to the EU.

Crewe and Nantwich Bin Labour

Generally, we must vote to end a Government that hates this country and our way of life and is selling us out to globalist, corporate interests time after time and make sure we replace it with something far, far better.


Children no longer entitled to a father, but two lesbian mothers is just fine

The serpent's serum that produces hallucinations convincing sufferers that diversity is good no matter what form it takes and who it adversely affects has reversed the polarity of many a top decision-maker's moral compass.


I have a disability, yet I still think it's wrong to destroy embryos

"It is well known in scientific circles that embryonic and hybrid stem cells have yet to produce a single cure or treatment," but MPs vote to allow the creation of hybrid embryos anyway.


The Police; The Government; The Agenda

Three police stories from the weekend news that tell us a whole lot about the Government's agenda.


Gordon Brown takes to the pulpit

Why has the Kirk invited this man to speak to them when his belief is clearly in false science and when his rejection of Biblical priciples goes back a long way?


Bank chief Mervyn King raises spectre of British recession

Yet within hours of this stark assessment, Gordon Brown staked his survival on the economy. He said: “I ask, and indeed expect, to be judged by this test: our stewardship of the British economy and building a lasting prosperity by releasing untapped potential.”


Just like old times: Labour plays toff and family cards in fight to save seat

At the Crewe byelection it suits all sides to stress what a great constituency MP Gwyneth Dunwoody was.


Gordon Brown pays £2.7 billion to end 10p tax crisis

The Chancellor borrowed £2.7 billion to give those on low and middle incomes an extra £120 this year, in a desperate move to end the row over the abolition of the 10p rate that has brought Labour to its knees and left Gordon Brown fighting to survive.


I told Tony Blair to sack Gordon Brown, says John Prescott

"What struck me was how those three [Blair, Brown & Mandelson] behaved like robots in a science-fiction movie in which they needed to download from each other”.


Brown humiliates Alexander

The affair has left a deep scar in relations between the two former allies, who spent more than 24 hours over Friday and Saturday trying to piece together a fresh statement declaring they were now in agreement.


Government Forced to Accept Free Speech Amendment to "Homophobic Hatred" Law (to Prevent Prison Staff Strikes)

When people have been getting into trouble with the police simply for stating their point of view about homosexuality, it was imperative to safeguard free speech under the proposed "homophobic hatred" law.


Labour has slumped to its lowest rating since opinion polls began

Potential successors such as Ed Balls, David Miliband, Jack Straw, Harriet Harman, Andy Burnham, Alan Johnson and James Purnell would all make things worse, the poll suggests.


Brown Confused as Scots Labour Leader Calls for Independence Vote

Sometimes Gordon Brown speaks as if he wants to wish away reality. He did it yesterday afternoon at prime minister's questions.....Even Mr Cameron looked surprised by this ingenious inversion of the truth.


Labour "crackdown on cannabis"

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has just announced that cannabis will be reclassified as a Class B drug, "sending a strong message that the drug is harmful and should not be taken."


Pcs told to downgrade crimes to help meet targets

"This is just a blatant attempt to cut crime by fiddling the stats. It's quite outrageous really."


Gordon Brown Proves how out of Touch with Reality he Really is

In television interviews yesterday, the Prime Minister seemed to exhibit how well he has developed the knack of actually believing his own deception.


Local & London Mayoral Elections: Results, Quotes and Comments

Johnson becomes the new mayor of a great city with many problems caused by years of neglect in many areas and Labour's intensive programme of social engineering based on political correctness, mass immigration, incremental conditioning, monitoring and control.


Londoners oust Livingstone

The news comes nearly twenty-four hours after it became clear that the local elections would provide Labour's worst performance for over a generation.


Labour take a Hammering in Local Elections

With over half of the results now declared in yesterday's local elections in England and Wales, Labour looks to be heading for its worst performance for a quarter of a century.


Arrogant Ken Livingstone plays politics with bus and Tube pledges, says watchdog

Mr Cooke said: “Sometimes one wonders whether the truth and Mr Livingstone sit together at all.
“There is strong evidence that the current mayor has played with both Tube and bus fares for his own political aims.”


MI5 accused of colluding in torture of terrorist suspects

Tayab Ali, a London-based lawyer for two of the men, said: "I am left with no doubt that, at the very worst, the British Security Service instigates the illegal detention and torture of British citizens, and at the very best turns a blind eye to torture."


Government Accused of Pimping by Allowing Ads for Escort Girls, Lap Dancers and Strippers in Jobcentres

After addressing MPs, she accused the government of "pimping" by offering jobs such as stripping and escorting. The Department for Work and Pensions said a test case meant such adverts must be carried by Jobcentres.


Britain's Electoral System at serious risk of large scale fraud

The most notable [poll scandal] was massive vote-rigging by members of the Labour Party in a local election in Birmingham in 2004 which prompted a judge, who headed a probe into the affair, saying the fraud would "disgrace a banana republic".


London Mayor Red Ken Exposes his Deceit over Olympic Bid

"I didn't bid for the Olympics because I wanted three weeks of sport. I bid for the Olympics because it's the only way to get the billions of pounds out of the Government to develop the East End."


Young Mum Fined for Accidentally Dropping Piece of Sausage Roll

Notice how accidentally dropping a tiny piece of food is met by Hull City Council's "Environment Crime Unit". It is about making everything a crime; it is about getting us into their system of control and surveillance; making us feel like slaves so we act like slaves.


Britain's Police Responses - Spot the Difference

Just ignore reality, trust government statistics and wait for the knock on the door about something you said while your granny is being raped and murdered.


Man Given Fine and Criminal Record for Leaving Bin open Four Inches

This latest example of petty authoritarianism seems to take the biscuit, but it shows to what extremes local 'authorities' will implement the diktats of the powers elite.


No Photography Please, You are living in a Police State

With the loss of personal freedom and the rise in police powers, comes the increase in fear - not from the terrorists but from the 'authorities!'


Huge Rise in Unqualified Teachers under Labour

The number of unqualified, trainee and foreign teachers without recognised qualifications has risen more than five-fold since Labour came to power, according to figures obtained by the Tories.


Brown 'desperately worried' as he puts off paying Labour party's £20m debts

Labour supporters who loaned millions to the party are being told they may not get the money back for almost a decade, it was claimed last night.


Graffiti Artist Recognises the Impending Police State

Presumed to be by secretive graffiti artist Banksy, a grim Soviet-looking three-storey high graphic was painted under the shadow of CCTV cameras.


Labour Encouraging Rural Decline as Vital Services Cut

Nearly half of communities have seen the loss of key local services in the past four years, a report reveals.

Depriving villages of vital services is a good way of encouraging rural depopulation and herding the masses into towns and cities full of CCTV cameras..


Teenager calls for a taxi but ends up with furniture after requesting a 'cab, innit!'

You would think it was an April Fool, but unfortunately not. Just remember Labour's mantra: "education, education, education."

This is funny and terrifying at the same time.


In a land without morals, it's no wonder children kill each other

"Apologists are quick to blame deprivation. If only it were that simple. Quite a few of England's worst football hooligans are earning fortunes in the City. Their poverty is not financial; it's a complete absence of worthwhile values - a collapse of decency."


Brown's Approval Rating Sinks as U.K. Economy Slows

Only 37 percent of respondents now say they regard the government as ``competent and capable,'' down from 56 percent seven months ago.


Government taken to court over pensioners' fuel poverty

Ministers are today accused of breaking a legally-binding promise to help pensioners pay for soaring fuel bills.


London Police Show The Chinese How Brutality Should Be Done

[I] can categorically say I did not resist at all and to my absolute amazement I received a punch to the back of the head & a knee in the thigh. I was forced with my head on the ground, heavy force bearing down on me, camera snatched and handcuffed behind my back.


Prominent Judge Blasts Government over its Neglect of Families

Breaking with the judiciary’s traditional silence, Mr Justice Coleridge spoke out against the Government's failure to deal with the extent of family breakdown which is "as big a threat to national life as global warming".


Labour MPs Revolt over Tax



Labour burying Poverty figures until after Local Elections

With experts predicting that Labour's targets on reducing poverty will not be realised, the Government will not be releasing its annual poverty statistics until 2nd May: the day after the local council elections in England and Wales. Normally the figures are released in March.


How to Train the Public to accept a Police State

An army of six hundred policemen marched down a London street yesterday a police state, all ordinary citizens are considered the enemy.


Labour MPs finally allowed to Vote with their Conscience? - More Lies & Doublethink

MPs who still have serious concerns about the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill might be allowed to abstain from the final vote, but only if the passage of the Bill is not threatened.


Labour finally delivers its Vision of Utopia: Sodom and Gomorrah

When I read this story the other day, I thought, that's it: they've done it. Labour and their elite masters and liberal advisors have finally delivered their version of Utopia to our islands: Sodom and Gomorrah - the natural conclusion of all their policies.


Iraq War Five Years On

Hans Blix, former UN chief weapons inspector, says that the responsibility for this spectacular tragedy must lie with those who ignored the facts five years ago.

The reasons for war that were given to a gullible world........


Marriage demonised to aid Labour's Policy of destroying the UK

It does not take long to condition the masses via an 'education' system. As Lenin said, "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." This fits in nicely with another of his famous quotes, "A lie told often enough becomes truth".


Naughty Five-year-olds to have their DNA taken?

Senior police forensics expert, Gary Pugh, suggests putting primary school children on the DNA database if they exhibit certain behaviour that might suggest they could become criminals when they are older.


Taxman to enter your Premises unannounced & other breaches of our Liberty

As the conditioning continues that aims to turn us all into compliant slaves of the system, the taxman has been given the power to turn up at business premises unannounced to demand to look through the accounts. People who work from home will also face the possibility of being raided.


Darling's first Budget

Although the Chancellor is raising fuel payments by £50 a year for over 60's and £100 for people over 80, will they be better or worse off after increases in utility bills? With the scrapping of the 10% income tax rate, many pensioners will be worse off regardless.


Goldsmith calls for oaths to Queen

The former Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, is calling for schoolchildren to swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen, plus the hypocrisy of a 'Britishness' holiday called for by traitors.


Labour's Agenda of Sexualising Children

I have been warning for years about so-called 'sexual health' and 'safer sex' strategies being immoral and damaging, often being ridiculed for doing so. It is blindingly obvious that the powers-that-be hate children and their potential, hate parents and their authority and hate righteousness, goodness and individuality.

A Realistic View of our 'Democracy'

I no longer vote for any of the mainstream parties having reached the age and studied the evidence to come to the only conclusion possible: that there is an elite whose plans will be carried out regardless of what the ordinary people want or need. Politicians constantly talk about the importance of 'democracy' here and abroad, yet cannot deliver it as it is at odds with the desires of the world's elites.