The Truth

The Year Ahead: May God help us all .........

Stewart Cowan, 2/1/09

I left a comment on Tom Harris MP's blog which I thought I should reproduce here. Tom, about to turn 45, seems slightly concerned about approaching middle age but more importantly promises: "So in 2009 I will try to be a good husband, a good dad, a good friend and a good MP."

OK, it's a New Year resolution, which is a world away from a promise and coming from a politician obviously reduces the value of it even more (especially in the light of past New Labour performance), but it is a good sentiment and he may well turn out to be a better judge on its success or failure than anyone else.

Tom finished his piece by writing: "May God help us all," to which I responded:

We must stop pretending we can go it alone. We truly cannot. History proves that when a society becomes reprobate, the only way is down.

The Almighty has given us the ability to do great things and we are increasingly doing not so great things. The liberal/'humanist' agenda will relegate the UK to the league of corrupt banana republics.

People increasingly think there are no rules. They think it's OK to rip people off, including the Government who take our taxes and throw money around like confetti. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't to wage unnecessary wars and pay an underclass to remain permanently that way, estranged from the rest of society by being stuck in a mindset of failure and dependency.

There seem to be few rules on a swathe of ethical issues. Our society has practically resigned itself to accept anyone's behaviour based on their body chemistry, whether of a sexual or criminal nature.

"Free" contraception and abortions are available for the former and the diagnosis of a "disorder" and medication are routinely offered for the latter.

I'm sure things will become very hard/even harder for a lot of people in 2009, but some will start to remember that playing the Almighty's way is the only way.

...and I was 45 in the summer. Keeping young at heart is all the matters. I couldn't give a monkey's about my cholesterol level; I don't care if my demise is attributed to a surfeit of cake - and I won't be trying to sue Mr. Kipling.

Sadly, we live in a blame culture because of the systematic neglect of encouraging responsibility. It produces a weak, feeble-minded people - just what the ones at the top of the pyramid require. The rest of us, politicians included, just cannot continue to operate this way.

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