The Truth

Naughty Five-year-olds to have their DNA taken?.........

by Stewart Cowan, 17/3/08

Senior police forensics expert, Gary Pugh, suggests putting primary school children on the DNA database if they exhibit certain behaviour that might suggest they could become criminals when they are older.

According to the Daily Mail, "Home Secretary Jacqui Smith signalled that ministers are looking at the idea".

The Observer says that "One teaching union warned that it was a step towards a 'police state'."

I think they mean yet another step as part of a carefully planned agenda.

The Mail adds that "Labour has long accepted the idea that children's lives go wrong very early." They passed on the opportunity to remind us that Labour has been ruthlessly and systematically undermining normal family life, seeking to eradicate the innocence of childhood and our Judeo-Christian beliefs and laws which, of course, inevitably lead to a breakdown of society, BUT the opportunity arises to use these things as excuses for introducing such measures as taking swabs of DNA from as many people as possible and infringing our liberties in all manner of other ways.

The Observer article states that "A recent report from the think-tank Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) called for children to be targeted between the ages of five and 12 with cognitive behavioural therapy, parenting programmes and intensive support."

This is another result of what has happened due to massive Government maladministration. All sorts of alleged corrective measures are being suggested to try and clear up the mess that the liberal PC nonsense has created in the first place, but the result will be more state control of those made dysfunctional by the regime's tactics. It affords the 'authorities' more opportunities to condition vulnerable young boys and girls with their 'support' and 'therapy' and have the state take control as virtual surrogate parents.

Incremental Conditioning

The Observer reports Mr Pugh as saying, 'Fingerprints, somehow, are far less contentious; we have children giving their fingerprints when they are borrowing books from a library.'

This is how it works. Once the furore about children having to give their fingerprints settles down, then comes the next stage, the state stealing DNA from their young cheeks. Then onto the next stage.

Science Fiction?

The director of the civil rights group Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti, likened the proposal to a science fiction novel.

What happens next, if we continue to allow this anti-British, child-hating, anti-family ethos to continue? The fiction is becoming fact and those of us who know the truth must act for the sake of the children, the families, the country and the planet.