The Truth

How to Train the Public to accept a Police State .........

by Stewart Cowan, 28/3/08

An army of six hundred policemen marched down a London street yesterday afternoon in an unprecedented show of strength and then started raiding premises after months of intelligence-gathering in the heart of the city's "Algerian community."

Blackstock Road in Finsbury Park, North London, was targeted for being an area well known as a hangout for criminals.

Operation Mista was aimed at people handling stolen goods like mobile phones and laptops, drug dealing, money-laundering and forging passports. Thirty-seven people were arrested.

One of the residents said that muggings and stabbings had become a regular occurrence. Where were the police then?

A comment from 'J P' in the Daily Mail states:

"I've lived round the corner from Blackstock for 5 and 1/2 years. I can't believe it's taken the police so long to do this. It's been obvious from the minute I moved here that there was a huge community of men hanging around all day with no discernible employment."

It looks to me like the 'authorities' deployed these tactics solely to train the public to live in a police state. Are we supposed to believe they could not deal with these criminals as and when they were discovered?

Problem - Reaction - Solution

This looks like problem-reaction-solution... first the Government turns the police force and judiciary into a farce and knowingly allows in numerous foreign criminals to the country, then the public screams for something to be done (see the joy and praise in most comments on the Mail's article) and then we get hundreds of stormtroopers marching down our streets to restore order out of the chaos the Government created.

Now we have just been a little bit desensitised to seeing the police acting this way in Britain. Next time it could be a blitz on houses that do not have a TV licence and if that happens, just about anything else is possible.

The Times article reports that, "Shoppers were stopped and questioned at cordons at each exit to the street as they attempted to leave."

This is what happens in a police state: all ordinary citizens are considered the enemy.

Hundreds of police stations have closed, so much police time is wasted on paperwork and your average copper is too scared to give a naughty child a clip round the ear for fear of being accused of assault.

Real policing that encourages safer, friendlier communities is becoming squeezed out to make way for jackboot tactics.

I fear this case in Finsbury Park sets a very dangerous precedent for Britain.