The Truth

Why is Labour so afraid of the BNP? .........

Stewart Cowan, 11/10/08

First of all, I don't usually comment on the BNP for the simple reason that it is hard to tell fact from fiction from the misinformation provided by mainstream media and other political parties who like to express their 'disgust' of the party to try and gain the moral high ground.

This piece on LabourHome by Mike Ion, Labour's PPC for Shrewsbury in 2005 and occasional Guardian Comment is Free writer, begins:

"According to Jon Cruddas (Tuesday's Evening Standard) the far-Right BNP is busy exploiting the present economic crisis and could easily end up winning seats in the European Parliament for the first time."

It is always worthwhile to prefix BNP with 'the far right' to try and scare potential deserters from leaving your party.

Ion states twice that the BNP is racist, but gives no further information and seems to have conveniently forgotten about Harriet Harman's racism against whites and sexism against men, e.g.

Harriet Harman in plan to give parties all-black shortlists

White men face jobs ban as new law favours ethnic minorities and women

Of course, what Labour is best at is bringing in ridiculous, unfair, unworkable legislation in order to set neighbour against neighbour on a whole range of issues. It's called divide and rule.

We cannot let Labour get away with inferring that they are the party for a peaceful and fair society when they have done just about everything they could to ensure the opposite will be the reality.

Ion finishes by saying:

"What Britain needs is a broad anti-fascist coalition, a new coalition of the willing. This broadest possible coalition against the BNP must be constructed nationally, regionally and locally. It needs to involve trade unions, black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, faith groups, lesbian and gay groups and every other community threatened by the rise of the far right."

White British heterosexuals can stay at home then?

He sounds very scared of the BNP's potential to harvest his comrades as they jump from the rotting hull of the good ship New Labour before it sinks under the weight of its lies, treachery and bloodshed.

Could the BNP be any worse than Lib/Lab/Con? You decide! You can let me know on my blog.