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The threat of Islam is real .........

Stewart Cowan, 16/2/09

A couple of recent incidents made we want to write about the threat of Islam to our way of life. Tom Harris MP wrote in his blog Neither the Koran nor the Bible sit comfortably with western values, which had me having a go at him, a self-confessed Christian.

Unfortunately, Tom uses old media tricks (he used to be a journalist) like setting up straw men and here we see him criticising his own religion as a cushion against accusations of Islamophobia.

The first incident that has concerned me lately is the banning from the UK of Dutch MP, Geert Wilders. Mr Wilders has twice been invited to the House of Lords to screen his short film, Fitna.

The problem for the UK 'authorities' is that the film portrays Islam in a way that they do not want us proles to consider; that the "religion of peace" is not all it's cracked up to be; that killing adulterers and homosexuals perhaps isn't the road we want to travel; that female genital mutilation offends our sensitivities.

Wilders uses several quotes from the Koran to help get his message across in Fitna. I actually don't give this any credence at all as I know how easy it is for non-Christians, and even many Christians, to misquote the Bible terribly.

Wilders also makes the mistake of not recognising Western influence in the creation of al Qaeda by portraying the 9/11 and Madrid attacks as works solely of Islam.

All that said, Wilders does give enough evidence, not that we need it, that the clash of cultures - Islam and what we know as Western culture - is likely to escalate into the societal equivalent of a mountain-raising tectonic plate collision.

That is as long as people in the West continue to be afraid of being branded racist/Islamophobic/hatemongers and submit to having their freedom and way of life robbed at Koran-point.

The BBC couldn't get a Government minister to explain the situation to John Humphries on Radio 4's Today, but he did manage to speak to Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne.

You can listen here to Mr Huhne telling John Humphries why he believes in freedom of speech, but only "up to the point where you become a threat to others - at that point society must step in."

Not so 'liberal' after all. Typical modern British coward (Huhn (without the 'e') is German for 'chicken').

The other thing that has really annoyed me is the case of a foster mother with an unblemished record who was struck off the councilís register because a Muslim girl in her care became a Christian.

"A foster mother, who has looked after more than 80 children in the past ten years with an unblemished record, has been struck off the register because a Muslim girl in her care became Christian. The reasons given by her local council were that she failed in her duty to preserve the girlís religion and to prevent the teenager from getting baptised, even though the girl was 16 and had made up her own mind to change religion. The woman has also been forced to move out of her home. She has lost the farmhouse she rented due to the loss of income from fostering."

"The girl had been taken into care after being assaulted by a family member. She decided to be baptised because she saw it Ďas a washing away of the horrible things she had been through and a symbol of a new startí.

"Social services officials then advised the girl to reconsider her decision and urged her to stop attending Christian meetings, ruling last April that the girl should stay away from church for six months. (My emphasis)

"In November they struck the carer off their register, claiming she had breached her duty of care as a foster parent."

What? Council employees seem time and time again to have been re-engineered to become traitorous, unholy cowards - so brainwashed by 'diversity training' that they would rather see good people destroyed than see sense.

It will serve us right if we become Dhimmis in our own country. The Islamists who desire to take over the whole world, especially the western world, must be laughing their heads off at the way we are playing right into their hands.

Tom Harris says that "I do know that the Muslims with whom Iím friendly seem to have no problem integrating with British society." Maybe he means the MP in the neighbouring constituency or his local newsagent. What about the imams who preach death to Jews, Christians, Westerners generally? What about the people who call for the death of writers and cartoonists for the perceived crime of dissing Muhammad? What about those who take offence over every possible thing and in so doing make life almost intolerable for others?

Worst of all are the traitors in high places who are dismantling our civilisation and culling our freedoms by manipulating people's differences.

It might seem that I am helping them here, but I am trying to avoid a conflagration with, hopefully, an honest appraisal of the danger we face if we lose the right to determine our own future, unmolested by others.

There are many other dangers, of course, like the EU, 'human rights' and political correctness generally, not forgetting GM food, humanism and many others things!

Let us not forget that mass immigration is just one of the methods that our masters are using to divide us and rule us. They are not interested in the 'moderate' Muslims that Tom Harris and the rest of us know. I certainly have no argument with them, but while an elected Dutch member of parliament is refused entry to the UK, thousands of radical Muslims have been allowed in to wreak havoc.

Just as planned.

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