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Labour Conference abolishes Britishness .........

added 24/5/08

The most interesting thing about this very short piece is the comments section.

from The Spectator
James Forsyth
Wednesday, 21st May 2008

Iíve just been filing in an application for credentials to the Labour party conference and was gobsmacked to find that you could not declare your nationality to be British. Instead, you had to pick English, Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh or a foreign nationality.

Iím sure that this is just an oversight. But given how much Gordon Brown talks about Britishness and the giant Union flag backdrop at the special Labour conference that elected him leader, it is rather amusing. Iím now considering starting a campaign: British passes for British hacks.

Here are some comments that show that Labour's policies may well, all along, have been to fragment the UK into constituent parts to encourage, not just political division among us, but a great animosity as well.

A dis-united kingdom busy with internal conflict is weakened for a complete sell-out by "British" traitors to the impending EU superstate.

'John' says, "Most of my acquaintances regard themselves as English rather than British, and feel quite strongly about their Englishness (and many of them resent the Scots, for obvious reasons)."

'Terry' writes, "As for Brown claiming to be British, he's the one that's caused all this mess by pandering to Scots. I used to be be British, but since NuLabour's devolution, I'm definately English."

'Johnny' added, "I attended my local hospital out patients the other day . The lady at reception carefully apologised in advance and asked me my nationality "for the form". I said English - 10 years ago it would have been British - and she wrote it down without demurr."

Margaret Stoll concurred, "I completely agree with Johnny. I have discovered in recent years (however late it may be!) that I am an English nationalist. I used to think I was British and I did not need any lessons in 'Britishness' from the Prime Minister."

The plan is apparently very successful in turning the British against each other.

I suppose the biggest clue that Gordon Brown hates Britain was when he came out with all this 'Britishness' propaganda.

We are so used to Government saying one thing and intending the complete opposite.

'Nicholas' agrees with me, "If that happens [UK is broken up] I fear the Union's separate nations will be weaker under European rule and the strength of the United Kingdom, already eroded by this government, will be lost forever."

By George, I think he's got it!

Does anyone have further evidence that will enable the REAL British people to give these traitors their just desserts?