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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Abortion .........

added 30/11/08

Hat-tip to Cranmer for reporting on the latest sick trick from the abortion industry.

I have already written several pieces attempting to convey the deliberate strategy of sexualising children and young people for purposes of social engineering and here is yet another scheme - made all the more sick by equating Christmas with nothing more than hedonism.

BPAS, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, is offering women a free 'present' this year which contains a morning-after (abortion) pill and condoms. Leaflets are also included: one to explain what the "options are in case the pill doesn’t work" and the other giving information on the BPAS telephone service.

One of the options if the pill doesn't work is abortion and it just so happens that BPAS is "the leading provider of abortions in the UK".

A media release from The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) asks:

"This makes us question whether [or] not this free give-away isn't a thinly-disguised attempt by BPAS to drum up more abortion business in the new year."

"It is certainly a despicable ploy which threatens unborn children, promotes promiscuity, undermines public health and insults the child-centred meaning of Christmas. The offensive sexual innuendo linked to Santa Claus is evidence of BPAS's morally bankrupt status. We are also greatly concerned at the risk of abuse or accidental misuse entailed in keeping such a powerful hormonal drug at home. The morning-after pill is 50 times stronger than the equivalent daily birth control pill."

"This style of promoting the morning-after pill will have an adverse effect on many young and vulnerable women. It will encourage men to see females as sex objects, who can be exploited without responsibility for the consequences. The morning-after pill's promoters share in the abuse of women by misleading them about its potential effect, which, the manufacturers concede, may include causing an early abortion."

As I have pointed out before, the Government relies on 'advisors' with vested interests in promoting illicit sex, including representatives from FPA (formerly the Family Planning Association) and Brook, whose 'charities' are dependent on people seeking contraception and abortion 'advice' in order to exist.

As usual with these things, children can get anonymous access to these 'services' which further undermines parental authority.

It is sad to say, but some of the people advising the government should be tried for child abuse. The politicians who make policy from their ideas should never have been allowed to enter Parliament.

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