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Labour still not listening as they reduce the age of consent and aim to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland .........

Stewart Cowan, 27/7/08
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Following on from my last article about Labour's dismissive waffle about how they will start "listening" after every defeat, here is another couple of recent examples, this time relating to Northern Ireland, of the Government's sheer arrogance and MPs' contempt for public opinion.

The age of consent in Northern Ireland has just been reduced from 17 to 16 (naturally for homosexuals as well - to appease Labour's PC deities). This is despite unmarried teenage sex and all it brings being less of a problem in the province and despite strong opposition to the change by the public and politicians of different parties.

They were told what was 'best' for them by the liberal atheists in Westminster.

Now, six MPs (none from N. Ireland), are trying to get a change in the law so that abortions can be legally carried out in the province, again despite MPs from all the main parties, the DUP, UUP, SDLP and Sinn Fein, all voicing their opposition to the move.

Labour MP, Diane Abbott, said: “We think we have got a very good chance of getting the amendment through."

Yet again, the gutter politics of Labour seem unstoppable; everyone being primed to stand together - in "equality" - at the gates of Hell - wishing they had stood up for decency and justice before they were lost completely.

Maybe the Government has been told to get rid of Ulster. Perhaps this complete contempt for the wishes of the people of the province is an attempt to make even loyalists despise the British Government enough to want a united Ireland in preference.

Or perhaps these are just two more crass exercises of shoving people around to make them accept things they don't want to accept - to make them serve the god of 'equality' and the sins and fads of the hour - to try and bring down family life and corrupt young people as they have done so successfully on the mainland.