The Truth

About Me .........


by Stewart Cowan

I have been gradually wakening up to the mind control we have been subject to through the media and government propaganda and from what passes for education. A lifetime of brainwashing is not easy for us to overcome, but I'm prepared to give it a shot. I hope you are too.

I could have made a similar site about the other main parties, but when I saw that '' was available, I couldn't resist doing this after the treachery over the EU Constitution, sorry Treaty.

Politics is not what it seems. Instead of right and left, we need to be thinking in terms of right vs wrong and it seems to me that all the mainstream parties have it wrong.

So why do people still vote for them?

Because it's us against them, right? Labour for the working class and Tories for the nobs and Liberal for the people who sit on the fence. At least they all care about Britain - her people and industry, traditions and history.

If only.

There are lots of smaller parties out there - why not vote for them? I used to vote 'tactically', but frankly, what's the point? Now I'll vote for whoever I fancy. There is something restrictive and defeatist about tactical voting. Last time I voted for a retired gentleman who wanted to show his grandchildren that he at least tried to do something to make the country a better place by trying to get elected and make a stand for decency. His attitude was the right one - he got a few hundred votes. Pity.

Why are we obsessed with right vs left?

I could go on all day, but I have a proper job to get back to: my flag business.

Thank you for visiting this site and I will try to add to it as Labour drives the country further down the toilet.

"Are you a Tory?"