The Truth

"Are you a Tory?" .........

Stewart Cowan 7/9/08

It's all right, it's not one of those quizzes that tells you which party's views you most associate with, it was a question that was emailed to me by a visitor to this site.

He added, "The Tories and Liberals would have backed up the Illegal wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. Look at the warmongering Tories who took us into War for a few contractors on the Falklands-Then Paddy Ashdown a military Buff man who would have done it too. Why keep on attacking and discrediting NLP when you don't have resolutions your self?"

It was a fair question which I thought deserved a reply, which was as follows:


Thank you for taking the time to drop me an email. I'm certainly not a Tory, but Labour are in government and so they get the flack. I have also registered and to deal with those parties appropriately as well, time permitting.

"Why keep on attacking and discrediting NLP when you don't have resolutions your self?"

I don't always have the answers, especially as NL have messed things up so much. I do remind readers in some of my articles that I do not support any mainstream party - that there is a false left/right paradigm that offers the illusion of choice.

Unfortunately, like you hinted at, big corporations are really in charge - bankers, arms manufacturers, rebuilding contractors, Big Pharma, self-interest groups posing as charities, etc.

I think all the main parties are rotten because they all more-or-less go along with this while disregarding what is good and right for the people.

Examples: warmongering, globalism and political correctness.

What would I do? What can I do other than expose the corruption and try to teach people what politics is really all about and encourage them to be more proactive?

We don't have a gun pointed at us to force us to vote for a main party, but most people are lost in a 'them vs us' tribal mindset when it comes to Labour and Tory. Then no matter who gets elected, the majority just tends to let them get on with messing things up for four or five years without ever confronting them about what matters to them.

This has to change now more than ever.

Thanks again for your email.

Kind regards

Stewart Cowan