The Truth

Labour's agenda of sexualising children .........

by Stewart Cowan

I have been warning for years about so-called 'sexual health' and 'safer sex' strategies being immoral and damaging, often being ridiculed for doing so. It is blindingly obvious that the powers-that-be hate children and their potential, hate parents and their authority and hate righteousness, goodness and individuality.

They say that sex sells but HM Government has been selling sex to children for years as one means of transferring power from parents to the state and to get as many youngsters as possible monitored under the 'sexual health' system.

Many of the dysfunctional adults who have graduated from this 'anything goes' system live their lives being scrutinised by health and social workers and others who have 'authority' to feast on the deliberately dumbed-down masses. This is an immense con being carried out right under our noses to destroy families and communities and aid the turning of our country into a police state.

Young women were once expected to "become sexually active" only after their wedding day, or if they did become pregnant while still single, the men tended to 'do the decent thing' and get married.

Who rewrote the 'rules'?

Government and much of the media did by denouncing and degrading family life and Christian values, and turning right into wrong and vice versa and depriving people of their self-worth, making them feel like they are nothing more than sex objects and consumers instead of encouraging them to be better, happier and genuinely healthier people. And of course the pharmaceutical industry and its influence that ensures ever more drugs are available to try and rectify the problems it and Government advisory groups nurturing their own financial or political interests caused in the first place.

I expect the Government soon to encourage parents to allow their young daughters to be given the HPV jab that protects against some strains of the virus that causes cervical cancer. About right for a sex-obsessed society that would rather see even more profits for the pharmaceutical companies than the encouragement of moral behaviour. Of course I don't want to see a single woman dying of this but if it encourages promiscuity and is not effective against all strains of the virus, then what will the net result be? Perhaps it will mean even more sexually-transmitted diseases of all sorts.

I have seen Government-sponsored websites aimed at youngsters complete with cartoon condoms and stories of how an abortion is not so bad and reminding children that they can seek medical advice behind their parents' backs.

Peter Hain's Northern Ireland Office in 2006 looked at reducing the age of consent in the province to 13. The news was broken by the Christian Institute on 10th October in a press release and was reported in the Belfast Telegraph.

"Children as young as 13 could legally have sex with each other under radical plans being proposed by the Northern Ireland Office. Teenage sex could be legalised when there is no more than a 3 year age gap. In these cases the age of consent is lowered to 13. Other plans include repealing a law which bans sex in public toilets and legalising 'mini brothels'. A public consultation on the proposals ends on Friday." Christian Institute.

I knew it would happen. I had thought that the criminally insane British Government would have done it a bit differently by reducing the age of consent to 14, and try to sell the idea by saying that resources can then be diverted to help the under 14's - you know - those that need protection most and what with limited resources, because they care so much about the little children.

My upcoming articles will put an end to the misconception that our Government has children's best interests at heart. Of course, because of "equality", the proposals would also make it legal for 13 year olds in the Province to sodomise each other, or a 16-year-old (old enough to marry) to have sex with a 13-year old. This is what our Government wants to promote, people. Beware! Oppose it!! Imagine what they will propose next!!!

Actually, we do not need to imagine it any longer: some damaged individuals in positions of power want to teach five-year-olds about sex.

Labour MP, Chris Bryant, recently advocated giving ten-year-olds explicit sex lessons and his report backed sending these young children to sexual health clinics for advice and contraception.

Mr. Bryant is a former vicar who posed in his underpants for a homosexual dating website. Who in his or her right mind gives someone like Mr. Bryant the responsibility of compiling a report on the teaching of sex to young children?

Everything the Government has tried in so-called sexual health has failed. The members of advisory bodies that help decide Government policy include people from organisations whose existence is dependent on providing advice and services relating to sexually-transmitted diseases, contraception, abortion and dysfunctional individuals and families.

It is interesting that the situation in the Czech Republic is almost as bad as it is in the UK and their sex 'education' starts from the age of ten and is also intended to reduce teenage pregnancy.

As I have said before and it is becoming increasingly clear, sex is being encouraged to get young people into the 'system' to be institutionalised and to destroy families.

Have you noticed how STDs are now known as STIs, i.e. infections, not diseases. It sounds better, doesn't it, in the battle to promote sex?

Think about the agenda behind "sexual health". The "authorities" are assuming control of our children and depriving them of the real information and failing to encourage the self-discipline that will give them a far brighter, healthier future than filling their minds with "safer sex" propaganda and their bodies with toxins from contraceptives and partners with sexually-transmitted diseases.