The Truth

A Realistic View of our 'Democracy'.........

by Stewart Cowan

I no longer vote for any of the mainstream parties having reached the age and studied the evidence to come to the only conclusion possible: that there is an elite whose plans will be carried out regardless of what the ordinary people want or need. Politicians constantly talk about the importance of 'democracy' here and abroad, yet cannot deliver it as it is at odds with the desires of the world's elites.

The 'D' word is used so often that few people have the mental ability to discern if it is a good form of government or not. Some people compare democracy to two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

True democracy!

But how about justice; fair play; laws based on our Judeo-Christian traditions; freedom from unnecessary government interference; freedom to opt out of the evil political correctness that blights our land and handcuffs reason, common sense and debate. More and more laws made by this unbelievable government are replacing age-old, tried and tested, effective and fair legislation with PC-motivated laws that restrict the majority's freedom.

True democracy?

Smoking is horrible, but I would not wish to deny someone the opportunity to smoke in a civilised setting, but because smokers are in the minority, democracy means the majority can aim to stamp it out.

Ah, democracy finally seen to be at work, but it's not really fair, is it?

If 51% of the population one day become vegetarian, does that mean the other 49% must go without meat, or maybe we will still be allowed a steak or burger from a restaurant, but have to eat it outside in the rain?

No, our society MUST be based on fairness, justice and freedom with appropriate responsibilities and the EU has no part in this: it restricts our freedom by imposing a politically correct stranglehold on our laws leading to injustice. It aims to remove all traces of sovereign status and the UK Government is only too keen to submit. Of course they do not want to give us a referendum on our future in the EU when the BBC report I linked to above states that 89% of voters would oppose the Lisbon Treaty.

For the UK or the other major countries to leave the EU cannot be tolerated by the elite powers because it would seriously dent their plans for globalisation: a one world government, police and armed forces; a control network of cameras and databases containing as much information about us as possible.

This is the reason the Government loves to institutionalise us. They either want to get us into the benefits system to monitor us, or into the criminal 'justice' system via petty driving offences or ridiculous invented 'hate' crimes, or create the conditions to have us snooped on by the medical establishment. This is one reason why the Government's continual interference in sex education keeps making matters worse: they want to get youngsters into the clinics - they want dysfunctional individuals with perverse attitudes about sex and relationships because they hate strong, independent families.

Family, community and religion are centres of power and influence that a regime intent on complete control of the masses must weaken. As a result, the following is happening.

The Family

- weakened by encouraging sex as a recreation rather than a gift between one man and one woman, married till one of them dies. The offering of more 'choice' in relationships that almost everyone used to regard as sinful. 'Quickie' divorces. Encouraging young mothers to get employment and put their young children into nurseries (more of that institutionalisation). Unmarried couples have financial incentives that married couples do not.

The Community

- weakened by a pathetic 'justice' system whereby honest, decent citizens are routinely chastised, arrested and even imprisoned for standing up for righteousness and against lawlessness. Health and Safety legislation now stops many a community event just in case something dangerous happens, no matter how remote the possibility.

Religious freedom

- our Christian religion and institutions weakened by an agenda of instilling fear in the hearts of the people so that they will kowtow to every known 'religion', including Satanism and witchcraft in case of offending someone or getting into trouble with the thought police. Adoption agencies who place vulnerable children with Christian families are now facing being forced to consider homosexual couples as parents or to close down if they refuse to compromise their belief that children are best brought up with a mother and father.

Of course, the mainstream media is complicit in all of this, being as they are, generally owned by the elite or in the case of the BBC, controlled by the government and appearing to be staffed by mainly liberals intolerant to any opinion but their own atheistic worldview.

I hope to expand on the topics I have covered in this introductory article to bring you the true horrors of our Government that is not our Government.

(Stewart Cowan: 6/3/08) Please feel free to repost this article with a link back to this page.