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Labour's Betrayal of the British people
Labour's Corruption
Labour's Agenda of Destroying Morality, the Family & Society
Labour Conditioning us to Live in a Police State
The State as Surrogate Parent
Lies, Lies and More Lies
Labour's Election Performances
Labour's Fearmongering
Labour's Financial Mismanagement
"Democracy," "Equality" and "Diversity"
Labour Infighting
Cabinet Reshuffles
  • Political Animals - A humorous distraction. While taking things easy at the weekend, I looked through a large selection of lolcats and soon started thinking about politics again. Here's why...
The Britain Labour has not Destroyed
  • The Hero - Brian Haw's stand for freedom.

Action Time .........

  • They Work For You - keep up to date with what your politicians are up to and how to contact them.
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