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Scrap the TV licence .........

Stewart Cowan, 29/10/08

Why should I have to pay for the BBC if I never watch it or if I resent having to fund the many programmes which cross the line of decency?

Personally, I haven't paid a penny for the BBC in nearly four years - since just after Jerry Springer, the Opera was screened on BBC2 despite tens of thousands of requests by telephone and email to abandon it.

It went ahead, so I abandoned the BBC. Cancelling my licence was well worth doing as I rediscovered the art of reading and began appreciating the beauty of nature and so on. I could sleep at night knowing that I don't pay for the dumbed-down, out of touch with reality, debauched and debasing BBC.

This latest grizzly instalment of BBC self-destruction comes courtesy of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. The former is allegedly a comedian and Ross is as well known for being grossly overpaid as he is for his speech impediment, although it sadly didn't impede his ability to shout out, "he f***ed your granddaughter," onto Andrew Sachs' answering machine.

In case you're the one who has missed the story, it is here.

As Melanie Phillips said, "The issue here is not just the use of profanities, but the cruelty and indeed sadism in the desire to torment an unsuspecting elderly man and his family."

"This is so far beyond the pale that one has to ask whether it was fuelled by either alcohol or drugs. If not, it suggests behaviour bordering on the psychopathic in its total absence of awareness of the effect upon another person of such abuse."

At a time when people are calling for positive role models for young men, thanks mainly to damage caused by social engineering to deliberately undermine family life, we get Ross and Brand.

Standards at the BBC continue to plummet and it is hard to see a reversal unless people stop giving them the money they need to accommodate six million pound egos like Jonathan Ross's.

Why pay for sickness? Boycott with me. You can still watch your DVDs and videos - that's what TV Licensing told me. Especially if you are affected by the 'credit crunch' why not cut the umbilical cord to broadcast TV?

TV Licensing

Even without a telly, TV Licensing officers can get carried away by the power they think they have (but do not have).

I have just found this Freedom of Information request that states that Licensing officers have no legal right of entry without the householder's permission (or a search warrant). Might be worth me printing it off in case the 'enforcement officers' try it on.

After a couple of threatening letters (I don't watch broadcast TV, only DVDs), I telephoned TV Licensing and told them they were not going to get access to my home as in this country one is presumed innocent until proven guilty and that they could park their detector van outside all year if they wanted.

The chap marked me down as not requiring a licence and I've not had any trouble from them since. That was about 6 months ago.

You do hear about people being persecuted, though, and I would say that if you know someone who this is happening to - likely a soft target like an old person or a single mother - get the neighbours to rally around if the Licensing officers reappear and meet them with camcorders.

I listened to the broadcast of the Russell Brand Show on YouTube and it is amazing that large wads of licence-payers' hard-earned cash can be spent on two 'adults' behaving like they are yobs with a tape recorder pretending to make a radio show.

BBC Complaints

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