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Man Given Fine and Criminal Record for Leaving Bin open Four Inches .........

by Stewart Cowan, 21/4/08

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Again I have to remind readers that the 'authorities' are using all kinds of tricks to get us into their system of surveillance, control and fear.

They typically misuse the criminal and benefits systems, but also use other means of monitoring people. For example, by constantly promoting their counter-productive 'sexual health' propaganda, they fill clinics with the dysfunctional teenagers and young adults they create.

This latest example of petty authoritarianism seems to take the biscuit, but it shows to what extremes local 'authorities' will implement the diktats of the powers elite and it happens every day.

In fact tens of thousands of people last year were fined for having their bin lids open, putting out extra bags or breaking a bin 'curfew'.

From the Daily Mail:

A man has been left 225 out of pocket after he was charged with overfilling his bin by four inches.

Gareth Wilson-Corkhill, 26, from Whitehaven in Cumbria, said he was in shock when he found out about the fine, issued by Copeland Borough Council.

He said: "I couldn't believe they would do that. I don't leave the rubbish on the floor. Every fortnight you can guarantee people's bins will be open more than mine."

He added: "I have my rubbish collected every fortnight. There are five people in my family, three children, me and my wife. Plus I have my daughter over on weekends.

"We recycle everything we can, including plastics, cardboard, tins, glass and paper. We have got a black box that is always full. "It's only an 80 fine for fly-tipping. I would have been better off doing that." A council enforcement officer took photos of the bin in January and issued an on the spot fine shortly afterwards.

After refusing to pay the initial fine, the man received a visit from the Council's 'bin police,' who visited him wearing stab-proof vests. You can read the whole story here: Daily Mail

Firstly, someone at the Council should have enough brains to realise that a family of five produces quite a lot of rubbish in a fortnight, regardless of how much they recycle.

Common sense: R.I.P.

Secondly, could this Council employee not be given a more useful role in his community? Who at the 'top' deems this a suitable way to use taxpayers' money?

Notice that a "council enforcement officer took photos of the bin."

What a charming way to describe a jobsworth with a camera. Of course these new over-the-top job descriptions are part of the transition from relative freedom to a police state.

As a reminder of what could happen when it is a member of the public who wants to take photographs, please read:

No Photography Please, You are living in a Police State


London Police Show The Chinese How Brutality Should Be Done

The latter is a personal account of an innocent bystander who was beaten by police who then deleted the photographs on his digital camera.

Perhaps we, the downtrodden, should invent masterful titles for ourselves.

If I get the urge to photograph a policeman and he takes offence, I should just say I'm a "police standards enforcer," and I fear that the size of the knot in his tie contravenes regulations.

Remember the days when you could approach a policeman to ask for directions, confident that he was your servant?

Of course, most police are decent enough still and they and their families must also be institutionalised. We need to fight this madness together.