The Truth

What was Tony Blair trying to tell us in his speech at Yale University? .........

Stewart Cowan, 26/5/08

Former Prime Minister and warmongering globalist puppet, Tony Blair, is apparently not now so popular in America as some students disrupted his speech at Yale University yesterday.

On his entry to the venue, placards reading "No to Blair" and "Yale! Don't Support a War Criminal", were raised, while as he spoke signs appeared that read, "Peace Now" and "No War".

Mr Blair, the International Mideast peace envoy - which is like making Jack the Ripper head of Victim Support - is concerned that China and India will industrialise faster than the West.

It cannot help that while we are lumbered with regulations derived from climate change fanaticism, the East can continue to pump out pollutants to their hearts' content.

Blair said, "Most of all, we should know that in this new world, we must clear a path to partnership, not stand off against each other competing for power."

Is that a New World Order? A one world government? Is this why Labour refused us the promised referendum on the EU treaty - to make it far easier to achieve with the likes of an EU-wide police force and EU embassies as stepping stones?

Blair also said the graduates will grapple with global issues, such as the threat of climate change, food scarcity, population growth and terrorism based on religion.

a) Climate change is an excellent excuse to tax us and monitor us all the more. We should look after the earth, of course, but making us feel guilty about everything we do is not on.

b) Food scarcity is due to bad politics. People are starving thanks to the likes of Messrs Mugabe and the brutal North Korean dictator. British farmers are paid not to grow crops. Things will likely get worse still when GM giants like Monsanto make a killing in the Third World from their patented seeds.

More people should not lead to food scarcity. Effective political measures would eliminate the problem, were it truly important to the world's leaders.

c) What does Tony suggest we do to tackle population growth? A one-child policy in the West like China's? Already, the media have managed to condition many people that to have more than one or two children is selfish and an unnecessary burden on mother earth - the new object of worship in Christendom as replacement for Almighty God.

d) Terrorism based on religion, Tony? Do you mean terrorism by Muslims? Or people like yourself and Mr Bush who pretend you are Christians waging immoral wars and carrying out false-flag terrorism with your own operatives?

Tony Blair is a fine mouthpiece for the globalists. Seemingly pleasant, harmless and a little eccentric, but delivering poisonous ideology that some people are receiving with happy, ignorant ears.