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Gordon Brown 'dissed our record' accuses Tony Blair in memo .........

added 3/8/08

By Melissa Kite
03 Aug 2008

Mr Blair accuses Mr Brown of a “lamentable” and “vacuous” performance in an extraordinary attack, which reignited the row over the Prime Minister’s future.

The damaging leak came just days after David Miliband’s explosive intervention when he positioned himself as Labour’s leader in waiting and amid further rumblings from MPs over Mr Brown’s performance.

Stephen Byers, a key former Blairite minister, has also attacked Mr Brown saying his policies were inadequate for the challenge facing Labour.

The leaked memo reveals Mr Blair’s anger that Mr Brown ditched his strategy and “dissed” his record, without having anything to put in its place.

The former Prime Minister laments that the Tory leader David Cameron looks modern and substantial by comparison to Mr Brown.

It was written in the aftermath of the Labour party conference last year and its disclosure could not have come at a worse time for Mr Brown.

Mr Blair writes: “I am passing this message on to GB - not in these terms - and will try to help, but at present, there is every indication that the lessons will not be learnt.

“There has been a lamentable confusion of tactics and strategy. We joined in the attack on our own ten years - a fatal mistake...we junked the TB policy agenda but had nothing to put in its place.

“The real problem was not the brilliance of the Tory conference but the hubris and vacuity of our own. This meant the Tories, by having something to say on policy, appeared substantial and to represent the future.”

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