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Email from Gordon .........

Stewart Cowan, 4/11/08

I received an email from Gordon Brown this afternoon - a mass mailing of course - a dubious reward for subscribing to

My Hotmail account asks: "Mark as safe" or "Mark as unsafe" which had me thinking.

Anyway, you will sleep soundly knowing that the Prime Minister is "taking action to give real help now" and being "focused" on making everything fair, fair and even more fair.

He will meet the "challenges," but whatever you do, don't trust the Tories because they "would do nothing to give real help now."

I could spend a couple of hours critiquing the email, but why bother? You will be doing it yourself as you read; probably accompanied by shaking your head and spluttering in disbelief at how dumb he presumes the average Labour supporter to be.

Email reproduced below (with original typos)

Each and every day we’re taking action to give real help now to help everyone get through this economic downturn fairly.

But as we concentrate on bringing Britain through this downturn, we’re also preparing for a future in which Britain emerges stronger and fairer.

Today’s Queen’s Speech was focused on delivering for you and your family with fair chances, fair rules and a fairer future.

We’ll build a fairer future by doing more to help those affected by this economic downturn from losing their homes through repossession. People will get fair chances through lifelong access to education, training and apprenticeships and an NHS that meets your needs on your terms. And we’ll enforce fair rules so that those who work hard are properly rewarded – and those who try to game the system will face the consequences.

The challenges we must meet in today’s Queen’s Speech have already changed f rom those we faced a year ago. We are living in a new age - one where nothing is more important than helping you to protect your job, your house and your savings.

The Conservatives would do nothing to give real help now to families and businesses. It is no accident that they have chosen this course – it is the same unfair Conservative instinct that abandoned people, families and communities to sink or swim in the 1980s and 1990s.

Our Party has always been about the many and not the few – and this Queen’s Speech is about a fairer future for all, not just some.

As I said on Saturday, this is the biggest New Labour project of all - giving people the confidence and hope that we can get through this downturn and build the fair society.

Our test is to whether we can give real help to people on middle and modest incomes now, while making the right long term decisions to prepare and equip our country for the future.

With your continue d help and support, I know that we will bring Britain though this downturn to emerge stronger and fairer than ever before.

With thanks and best wishes Gordon

PS - I have recorded an online video on our plans outlined in the Queens Speech - you can be among the first to watch it by clicking here now

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