The Truth

Gordon Brown Proves how out of Touch with Reality he Really is .........

by Stewart Cowan, 5/5/08

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In television interviews yesterday, the Prime Minister seemed to exhibit how well he has developed the knack of actually believing his own deception.

Philip Webster, Political Editor at The Times, mentions some of the comments Mr Brown gave in BBC and Sky television interviews on Sunday.

On people's concerns about their falling standard of living, the Prime Minister said: “I feel the hurt they feel.”

What a remarkable statement from a man who has just refused to reinstate the 10p tax band that helped low paid workers: those who Labour once looked after as their own. Many of their supporters must be ignorant of the fact that this concern for them started waning some time ago.

The PM said there was a job to be done and that he was the man to lead Labour's recovery. A bold statement from a man under fire from so many in his own party.

I have read mixed reports about whether backbencher John McDonnell would stand as a 'stalking horse' candidate to ease the way for a more popular figure to contest the Party leadership.

Mr McDonnell has a website called which was registered on 8th July 2006, so it would seem his ambitions are real and not a knee-jerk reaction to last week's election disaster for Labour.

Just what is Brown's vision of the future?

Apparently, Gordon Brown came into politics to stand up for the "hard-working people" and promised to get out more to learn more about what people are feeling.

Have Labour's leaders been agoraphobic for the past eleven years?

He did not need to leave his office to know that the people are against, for example:

  • Further EU integration
  • Further large scale immigration (even among the majority of immigrants)
  • GM crops
  • Post Office closures

Brown continued, "we have a vision of the future that will carry the country - optimistically in my view - into its next phase."

“That is all about chances, opportunities, a fair deal for working families, helping people get onto the first rung of the housing ladder, helping people get opportunity in education - more universities and more colleges - the big building blocks for the future that we are putting in place.”

There are several problems just in this piece of nonsensical rhetoric. Just what was he talking about?

Labour's next phase?

I dread to think what Labour's "next phase" could involve.

"Papers please," perhaps or, "I need to scan your barcode tattoo to allow you on the train."

When the children who are currently being fingerprinted in order to have their school dinners have grown up, they will more readily accept being interfered with by the State without questioning it.

Baroness Walmsley has said: "The practice of fingerprinting in schools has been banned in China as being too intrusive and an infringement of children's rights. Yet here it is widespread."

She said that one head teacher had "tricked" three-year-olds into giving their prints "by playing a spy game".

To quote Lenin again: "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."

If Mr Brown truly wants to help people have affordable homes, why does he not relax the draconian regulations that make the building of homes so difficult if not impossible?

Why is the countryside becoming a virtual museum piece where plentiful and cheap homes could be built where families could enjoy the good life, but are not and where farmers are paid NOT to grow crops and where rural post offices and police stations (tough on crime?) are closing by the hundreds and small schools are getting axed?

Of course we are easier to control if we live in towns where we can be kept under surveillance and the children go into large schools to be more easily trained to live in a Godless society of 'equality', 'rights' and 'diversity', but without help developing a mind of their own, sense of responsibility, ambition and hope.

It is a recipe for enslavement.

Who are the terrorists in labour's view?

Mr Brown intends to proceed with his plan to extend the period of detention without charge for terror suspects to 42 days, which is likely to lead to another fracas with his backbenchers. “It’s the right thing for the country,” he said.

The major problem here, apart from the fact that incarcerating people for six weeks without evidence is contrary to natural justice, is that the Government has made many minor misdemeanours terrorism-related.

Here in the port town of Stranraer, a man who came over on the ferry from Belfast and played a prank by incorrectly filling in his embarkation pass now has a conviction under the Terrorism Act, even though the judge admitted there was no way he was a terrorist.

These laws are also being used against people who oppose the Government.

John Catt, an octogenarian anti-war campaigner, has been stopped twice under the Terrorism Act.

Police first stopped him in east London and searched the van he was driving.

He said: "I was stopped in Shoreditch when I was pinned in by two police cars. They asked ridiculous questions like where was I going and why, how old I was and where I had been. They searched the back of the van and gave me a receipt to say why I had been stopped."

On the second occasion, he was questioned as he walked through Brighton on his way to an anti-war demonstration outside the Labour Party conference wearing an anti-Blair T-shirt.

Brown wants "more universities and more colleges"


I would have thought that we need more doctors, dentists and tradesmen, like plumbers.

If the plan all along was to discourage school-leavers from following these highly-paid professions in order to try and justify large scale immigration to fill all the jobs that the natives were not trained for, then, voilà: success; major social engineering to dilute our successful Judeo-Christian-based British society to deliver us into the clutches of a federal Europe.

Brown continued: “What people are most worried about - and I do understand this and I feel the hurt they feel - [is that] petrol prices are going up, food prices are going up, they are worried about utilities bills, they are worried about their standard of living, there is an uncertainty about the economy."

Well, why has all this happened? Has he already forgotten that he was Chancellor of the Exchequer for a decade and was responsible for making the decisions that should ensure a sound economic future?

The price of petrol is two-thirds tax, so make that fairer for a start, Mr Brown.

He added: “I think I am someone who believes passionately in opportunity and fairness."

“I believe that the real Gordon Brown is someone who is standing up at all times for hard-working families in this country."

“That’s what makes me tick. That’s what I am about. That’s what the dividing line in politics is.”

So that is the real Gordon Brown is it? Will he please stand up and start acting like it?