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Gordon Brown takes to the pulpit .........

added 17/5/08

While considering the article below, note that Gordon Brown will oppose a reduction in the abortion limit in next week's vote. The Telegraph says that he "believed there was no scientific evidence to support a change in the law."

Why has the Kirk invited this man to speak to them when his belief is clearly in false science and when his rejection of Biblical principles goes back a long way?

Psalm 127 says: "Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward."

from The Times
Lorraine Davidson
May 17, 2008

Gordon Brown will return to his spiritual home today when he addresses the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh - the scene of one of the most controversial political speeches delivered in Scotland.

Margaret Thatcher appeared at the same gathering 20 years ago to deliver a speech dubbed “the Sermon on the Mound”. Mrs Thatcher's speech in May 1988, in which she was seen to reject the idea of “society”, is widely regarded as marking the beginning of the end of Conservative rule in Scotland.

Mr Brown can be relied upon to take a very different approach. He was brought up in Kirkcaldy and has spoken of how being a son of the manse shaped his political beliefs and provided his “moral compass”.

Announcing his Labour leadership bid he embraced the sense of community that Mrs Thatcher was seen to shun. “If you play by the rules, we'll stand by you,” he promised. At a Labour Party conference he quoted from a favourite story of his father, the Rev John Brown: the Parable of the Talents and its lesson “to find goodness in everyone”. Soon after entering Downing Street he was quick to invite Baroness Thatcher to visit, and has praised her as a conviction politician.

Mr Brown is certain to receive a more favourable reaction than Mrs Thatcher. “He will receive a very warm welcome. He is one of our own,” the Rev Alan Sorensen, of the Church, said.