The Truth

Who is Pulling Gordon Brown's Strings on the Road to a One World Government? .........

Stewart Cowan, 7/6/08

Clearly, the leaders of the main Western nations are following a script given to them, which is the reason Western Europe, North America and Australia in particular, are self-destructing under the weight of 'human rights', and 'equality' legislation, where reality is the opposite of the rhetoric.

Gordon Brown, like his predecessor, has been given the task of continuing to enslave the British people by taking our rights and dumbing us down in the hope that we do not notice and are unable to change things.

Mr Brown talks about the importance of 'Britishness,' but his refusal to give us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty shows he is really concerned with throwing away what is left of our sovereignty in the direction of the EU, like you would throw the bones left on your dinner plate to a dog.

With the Australian Prime Minister calling for an Asian Union and a North American Union already underway, we can see the plan taking shape that will ultimately (or sooner than we expect) create a One World Government.

Asian legal expert Prof Tim Lindsey of Melbourne University has obviously studied the development of the European Union. "With a union you have the idea of free trade, and once you have that everything else follows," he said.

Sen. Karen Johnson, a fierce critic of the federal government and a strong supporter of the memorial, believes the Bush administration is trying to create the infrastructure for a new regional North American government through the Security and Prosperity Partnership. She wrote in 2006 that this is being accomplished in "stealth fashion, under the radar and out of public view."

Like most of the Western World lately, mass-immigration has been encouraged, including from all the countries where Islamic terrorists are most likely to be living and training.

As this recent US article entitled "Open borders prove "War On Terror" is superficial" explains:

"Another glaring inconsistency regarding the "war on terror" is the fact that for some seven years since the 9/11 attacks, our nation's borders and ports are as open and porous as ever. These open borders make the argument that "we are fighting them over there, so we won't have to fight them over here" look absolutely disingenuous--even laughable."

The reason I am writing this piece is because of Gordon Brown's insistence that police should be allowed to detain terror suspects for 42 days without charge.

Dozens of his own MPs are against the proposal as are most other politicians, thus threatening defeat for Labour in the Commons.

With the recent fiascos for Brown in last month's local elections and the Crewe and Nantwich by-election and with Labour's support at dangerously low levels and the Party deep in debt, why is Mr Brown intending to add to personal and corporate misery by pushing for this legislation?

Is he under instructions? Who from, if he is the Prime Minister?

The danger is that justice in Britain is fast becoming an alien notion and no longer based on natural justice and our Judeo-Christian ways and so police and judges are becoming increasingly confused as to what really is criminal.

It means we live in a land where people with high moral standards can get into trouble by promoting Christianity, yet a 'high risk' paedophile can walk free after a judge says his eleven-year-old victim "welcomed sex."

I have posted articles about the current climate where serious criminals are being ignored in order to use resources to target people committing incredibly dubious crimes or no crime at all (at least according to the real world).

Again, this article, entitled, "Masked men caught on church roof stealing lead... but that's not enough evidence, say police," sums up the lack of justice and common sense around today.

The truth is that we can no longer trust the 'authorities' to be fair, honest, sensible and deliver righteous verdicts, because standards have fallen so much.

The police have targets to meet, which the outgoing chairman of the Police Federation has just condemned for making matters worse.

The 'authorities' have warped political correct legislation to enforce which has seen people in trouble for putting the wrong items in the wrong bin or for selling golliwogs.

Have we been brainwashed into believing that golliwogs are offensive?

Well, some African-American sisters have inaugurated the Black Doll Collectors Convention.

"Among Britt’s favorite dolls is her collections of golliwogs — the century-old “black-faced” rag dolls that are seen as racially offensive-caricatures to modern day sensibilities."

But Britt says they created in childhood stories to endear rather than offend.

“They are part of my history and I embrace them. You have to learn from the past. You can’t hide from it,” she says.

So I guess the agenda is to make a mountain out of - well - nothing at all.

It is just something else whereby innocent people can be harassed by 'officials' obeying orders from corrupt bureaucrats and unthinking politicians who want us to feel threatened continually.

Talking of governments' warped notions, Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, has suggested that the Government is "sacrificing liberty in favour of an abused form of equality".

The Archbishop said human rights did not work without a moral foundation, yet morality had been replaced by consumer desires. He also warned against the growth of 'diktat and bureaucracy' which he said interfered with personal beliefs.

Last week, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester condemned Britain's 'broken' society and argued that Christianity was the keystone of dignity, equality and freedom and without it society would collapse.

Dr Sentamu's condemnation of human rights without religion, and his decision to point the finger at Labour, came in an address given to the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

He said: 'One of the many mantras of the New Labour party of a decade ago was that of rights and responsibilities: the idea that along with entitlement comes obligation. 'Unfortunately the combination of a rapacious consumerist appetite with this mantra has led to a situation where seemingly unfettered rights and entitlements have come to the fore while responsibility has not simply gone out of fashion but seems to have fallen off the radar.'

He added: 'Our current Government is in danger of sacrificing liberty in favour of an abused form of equality - not a meaningful equality that enables the excluded to be brought into society, but rather an equality based on diktat and bureaucracy, which overreaches into the realm of personal conscience.'

Describing the interference with personal belief as 'petty minded', Dr Sentamu said: 'Human rights without the safeguarding of a God reference tends to set up rights which trump others' rights when the mood music changes. Our society needs once more to rediscover the compassion and service at the heart of religion.'

The Ugandan-born Archbishop said: 'The trumpet which was once the herald of this nation's greatness was the imperative of moral responsibility, where what was right was informed by a faith-based understanding. 'Now we are told that if we push for the end of religion in the public arena, in our politics and the public square, we will free ourselves from the shackles of an enslaving and moribund moral responsibility.'

This, Dr Sentamu said, would mean morality would be replaced by consumerism and the imperative not to do the right thing but to buy the right thing.

So, who is pulling Gordon Brown's strings?

The 'son of the manse' who wants our Christianity and its moral values, our sovereignty and our freedom dispensed with, must be controlled by people with a vested interest in this being achieved.

What Napoleon, Hitler and many others failed to do by military might, the world's elites have learned they can control the planet by stealth and technology.

The world's 'leaders' are just puppets in the charade known as 'democracy.'