The Truth

Brown and Blair are bullies and cowards, say their colleagues .........

Stewart Cowan, 20/6/08

Labour MP, Bob Marshall-Andrews, is an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society and a Distinguished Supporter of the British Humanist Association, but despite this, I like his maverick style. He has some honour and sense of fairness: traits not normally associated with many of his colleagues of late.

On his official website at, we are reminded of the unceremonious ejection of Walter Wolfgang from the 2005 Labour Conference with an article entitled, "Our PM Is Nothing But A Bully - Just Ask Old Walter."

The frail 82-year old Mr Wolfgang, who has devoted his life to the Labour Party, had the audacity to propose that Jack Straw was being less than honest about Iraq.

Mr Marshall-Andrews writes: 'For this offence Mr Wolfgang is seized by a massive, apparently anonymous "steward", physically manhandled from his own conference and detained by police as a suspected terrorist. A nearby delegate, attempting to intervene, is himself assaulted by another massive example of New Labour's finest. Hours later, Blair delivers an apology wholly typical of the man. "I'm sorry," he says, "but I wasn't there."'

'This event is not isolated. On the same day, Austin Mitchell, the venerable, clever and wholly amiable MP for Grimsby, has his camera snatched and the contents sanitised in order to eradicate pictures of a queue.'

Mr Marshall-Andrews offers his analysis:

'Behind these violent and ugly displays of rank bullying lies a profound irony which exposes the true pusillanimous nature of New Labour and its prime architect. In their analysis of the party's electoral failure the high priests of New Labour identified party indiscipline as a root cause.'

"Pusillanimous," is defined at thus,

"Adjective. Ignobly lacking in courage: chickenhearted, cowardly, craven, dastardly, faint-hearted, lily-livered, unmanly. Slang: chicken, gutless, yellow, yellow-bellied."

This sums up our recent (sub) Prime Ministers perfectly.

Mr Marshall-Andrews continues, 'As part of the cure, therefore, intellectual challenge and dissent were to be ruthlessly expunged. Rule books have been amended to emasculate conference, and sanitise debate. The parliamentary power of patronage has been ruthlessly employed to advance quiescent minds, placemen and transparent cronies to protect orthodoxy and order..'

'Worst of all, the erosion of party democracy has shadowed systematic populist assaults on civil liberty and individual freedom. Oppressive and bullying "security" of party meetings has proceeded alongside repeated attempts to curtail trial by jury, legislation to allow imprisonment without trial and the covert introduction of "shoot to kill" powers. In this climate it comes as no surprise that an aggressive and illegal foreign policy should be directly linked to the public assault of an elderly man whose only crime has been an adherence to the peaceful ideals of democratic socialism for 60 years.'

Nearly three years on and the shadow Home Secretary has resigned in order to force a by-election due to sharing the Labour MP's concerns about assaults on our liberty.

Of course Bob Marshall-Andrews was criticising Blair, the new Catholic, now employed ostensibly as a man of "faith," but in reality aiding Satan form a one world religion, but Gordon Brown is celebrating his first year as PM. Maybe celebrating is not the right word; perhaps he is writhing and cringing while chewing his knuckles. This would certainly be understandable.

Gordon Brown is also a "bully and control freak." So says Lord Turnbull who was Mr Brown’s permanent secretary for four years and then cabinet secretary.

According to John Prescott's new book, Blair was scared of Brown so could not sack him and Brown did not have the nerve to accept Prescott's suggestion that he resign and fight Blair from the backbenches.

Most people know that bullies are also cowards. Sometimes it takes courage to stand up for decency and our PMs have shown what little they have. So little, in fact, that they would rather betray the British people than do what is right.

Gordon Brown has saved his most gutless performance to date for his dealings with the EU. By denying us the promised referendum; by trying to diminish the Irish vote; by sucking up to Barroso and his co-conspirators like M. Sarkozy, he has shown his disdain for decency and honour.

Bob Marshall-Andrews will not be bullied. He is backing fellow renegade MP, David Davis, to be re-elected

Gordon Brown feared calling a general election last year and appears to have bottled out yet again by failing so far even to put up a Labour candidate against Mr Davis.

Less than a century ago, cowards and traitors were shot. Now they get to be Prime Minister.