The Truth

Too busy to write .........

Stewart Cowan, 11/12/08

Like Leg-iron, I was too busy to look for official idiocy yesterday.

There is always so much going on in this crazy world that doing the research often leaves me with no time to write about it, especially as I have to stop reading once in a while and pace up and down while holding my head in my hands.

My accountant has been in this week and I feel guilty if he is working and my mind is elsewhere.

December is usually a rough month for sales, but business is better than usual. At the moment I am saying, what credit crunch?

Famous last words, probably.

I should at least have joined in the fun of the PM's gaffe where he said "we not only saved the world," instead of "saved the banks," but you've probably all seen the video by now.

It wasn't that exciting to be honest.

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