The Truth

Glenrothes: how could you? .........

Stewart Cowan, 7/11/08

I have to say I am a bit depressed. I know Labour had a large majority from the 2005 General Election, but really.

I will be spending some time deep in thought about what makes people still vote for these control freaks.

Do this many people really only care about where their next three meals are coming from and have the higher aspirations of the people of central Fife been obliterated by mind-numbing telly and what passes for 'education' and mainstream 'news'?

Or do they just like being lied to over and over and over again?

Maybe they were humbled that Gordon and Mrs Brown visited.

I'll just leave you for now with this piece from Guido Fawkes:

What is happening here - has Gordon's Jonah curse been lifted?

* He wished Lewis Hamilton well - and he still became World F1 champion.

* Despite having met and been backed by Gordon, Barack won the Presidency.

* Despite having visited the constituency, Labour didn't lose.

The Tories beat the LibDems from third into fourth place, the LibDems had a disaster dropping ten percentage points.

The results can be viewed here.

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