The Truth

So this is Christmas .........

Stewart Cowan, 25/12/08

As a Christian, I try and honour Christ all year round. I fail more than I ought to, as I am a frail and fallen man.

He gives me the strength and the reasons to carry on, which is wonderful, especially these days of moral confusion and the misery of the here-and-now that the lack of an eternal prospective can foster.

Worried about the future? Deep in debt? Scared? Ill? Ashamed?

The babe who grew up and went to the Cross in our place, to defeat death and Hell and to save us from our sins did this for us.

For everyone who will follow Him.

I am about to partake of one of the Christmas traditions of gluttony. Circumstances demand that I eat myself silly as I have been invited for 'lunch' at 11.30, then to friends' for a roast dinner at 1.0 sharp.

When I return home, I will probably delve into the chocolates and biscuits I have received as presents - only to be polite and show appreciation, of course.

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