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Government wants to push contraceptive jabs and implants on schoolgirls .........

Stewart Cowan, 17/11/08

The latest idea by the Government to cut the number of unwanted teenage pregnancies is to haul schoolgirls from selected parts of the country into doctors' surgeries and coerce them into having an implant or injections.

I was under the impression that over the past couple of decades, the blitzkrieg of 'safer sex' propaganda and the availability of unlimited free condoms were intended to have the effect of reducing pregnancy.

Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that 21 local councils where teenage pregnancy rates have risen or failed to fall, have been told to push the injections and implants.

Of course, no form of long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) protects against sexually-transmitted diseases, so expect STD rates to rise even more with this latest 'initiative'.

In a statement last week, the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare applauded the Scottish Executive’s new initiative to encourage women to swap the contraceptive pill for longer-term contraception.

The most commonly used injection, they say, is Depo Provera, but states that it:

"should be given to adolescents and women over 40 years old only if other methods of contraception are unsuitable because of the possible effect on bone mineral density (BMD)."

Despite this, girls as young as 13 have been treated and unsurprisingly, the state can interfere with children under 16 without consent or even knowledge of the parents.

The Times Online reports that "The Department of Health is also to provide funding for teenagers to be sent mobile phone text messages containing contraceptive advice and to take part in confidential video conferences with sexual health advisers in an attempt to cut abortions."

Sorry, but this is overkill. It is mass mind control. Even the Scouts are to start introducing sex lessons. I wonder where youngsters are expected to go to avoid being bombarded with sex.

The Telegraph quotes Sue Pheasant, a parent who has campaigned on sex education issues: "It seems the answer to everything is a pill or an injection. Young people are very confused. We really need to say to them that if you don't want to get pregnant or catch a sexually transmitted disease, just say no, and give them the resources and support so they are able to do that."

Unfortunately, registered 'charities' like FPA, Brook and Stonewall have huge influence over the government in the area of sexual ethics, or lack of.

The Press Association assures us that teen contraception is 'not compulsory.'

It is a worry that we have to be reassured. What about the future? Forced sterilisations as in China?

This latest scam may also be part of the process of training the public to accept implants in preparation for the time when the government requires the public to have RFID chips inserted.

The Government's many advisors include illusionists who can make people believe that black is white and left is right. They can make youngsters believe that they should be having sex and going to clinics behind their parents' backs. They have the power to destroy society by attacking its basic unit: the family, because promiscuous youngsters are less likely to be able to form lasting relationships when they are older.

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