The Truth

Crewe and Nantwich Bin Labour .........

Stewart Cowan, 23/5/08

A massive swing to the Conservative Party in this traditional Labour seat has seen the late Gwyneth Dunwoody's daughter, Tamsin, convincingly defeated in yesterday's by-election in Cheshire.

Results on the Guardian website.

The Labour campaign of ridiculing Tory candidate, Edward Timpson, for being a "toff" backfired as Mrs Dunwoody's 7,078 majority at the 2005 General Election turned into a 7,860 lead for Mr Timpson. A swing of 17.6% to the Tories from Labour.

The Liberal Democrat candidate struggled with 14.6% of the votes and best of the rest was UKIP with only 2.2%, beating the Green Party into fifth place with just 359 votes.

Most of the reports I have read in newspapers say that Labour's thrashing is down to voters' personal worsening economic conditions due to rising prices and the axing of the 10p tax rate.

I like to think that people are also greatly concerned about Labour's betrayal of the British people by refusing us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and going ahead with giving away even more of our sovereignty.

I hope that these Cheshire voters also wanted an end to the surveillance state and interference from the 'authorities' in people's everyday lives; an end of the police and courts being too busy dealing with people who leave their bins open or drop a piece of sausage roll to bother with serious, proper crime; a proper solution to the problems caused to our way of life and pressures on our delicate services and infrastructure caused by mass immigration (even two-thirds of immigrants want it stopped, but the Government has its own agenda).

Generally, we must vote to end a Government that hates this country and our way of life and is selling us out to globalist, corporate interests time after time and make sure we replace it with something far, far better.

Personally, that is so much more important than how much money I have in my pocket.

On the run up to the election, David Cameron walked around Crewe, jacket off, hand resting comfortably on voters' shoulders and sounding like Tony Blair in his prime.

Be afraid!

While it is great to see the traitors in the red corner humiliated in recent elections, let us escape the left-right paradigm and vote for candidates who are in the race because they love their country, love their families and have the wisdom and goodness to put people before party politics and their own glory and thus do not have a massive ego that needs massaging by gaining a position of power.

Any candidate worth voting for should understand that if elected they will be servants and not celebrities or 'authorities.'