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Taxpayer can bear no more, admits Alistair Darling .........

added 19/7/08

July 19, 2008
Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson
The Times

Taxpayers are at the limit of what they are willing to pay to fund public services, the Chancellor has said in an interview with The Times.

In his gloomiest assessment yet of the state of the British economy, Alistair Darling gave warning that the downturn was far more profound than he had thought and could last for years rather than months.

He revealed that he told Cabinet ministers this week that there would be no more money for schools, hospitals, defence, transport or policing.

He confirmed that the Treasury was considering revising its fiscal rules to allow more borrowing to deal with the economic problems. He said that he did not believe that voters, already struggling with higher food and fuel bills, would be willing to pay more tax.

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