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Labour’s donors turn on Gordon Brown .........

added 29/6/08

Marie Woolf and Jon Ungoed-Thomas
June 29, 2008

Gordon Brown's leadership faced a new crisis this weekend as some of Labour’s biggest financial backers said he was not up to the job and had botched the handling of the credit crunch.

Key donors who bankrolled new Labour are now reluctant to support Brown, claiming he lacks the qualities required to salvage the party’s fortunes.

— The millionaire businessman Sir Maurice Hatter, who has donated more than £176,000 to the party since 2001, said it was time for a change of leader.

“He hasn’t got the charisma,” he said. “He was a good number two, but he is not a number one. I just don’t think he is a prime minister.”

— Sir Christopher Ondaatje, the author and businessman, who has donated £1.6m, said Brown had taken a “very dangerous road” in bailing out Northern Rock with public funds.

— Sir Gerry Robinson, a donor and former chairman of Granada TV and Allied Domecq, was scathing about Brown’s inability to delegate: “You can’t run a family like that, let alone the country.”

— Bill Kenwright, chairman of Everton football club, who has given £255,000, said the government had suffered an “energy bypass” and the leadership needed a “quantum change”.

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