The Truth

Londoners oust Livingstone .........

by Stewart Cowan, 2/5/08

London has a new Mayor in Boris Johnson who ousted Ken Livingstone in Thursday's election.

The count took longer than expected and the result was announced just before midnight.

The news comes nearly twenty-four hours after it became clear that the local elections would provide Labour's worst performance for over a generation.

In London, Conservative Boris beat the politically correct Red Ken who was aiming for a third term in office.

A gutted Gordon Brown said earlier, "the challenge of leadership is to take the country through difficult times, as well as through good times. The challenges show that we have the strength and the resolution, as well as the conviction and ideas to take the country forward."

David Cameron reckons the results are “a positive vote of confidence” in the Tories.

I could probably find dozens of predictable statements as per usual after an election.

The Prime Minister seems to have suddenly decided that he wants to take the country forward. Is that forward along the road towards a police state?

Maybe he should think about taking the country back to better times.

As for Mr. Cameron's suggestion that a vote for Boris is a positive vote of confidence (as opposed to a negative vote of confidence?), Mr Johnson is an unknown quantity in such an immense position and with Labour's growing unpopularity, it is wishful thinking that people have a new sense of confidence in the Tories.

Results and more comment to follow.