The Truth

Labour MEP's plan to ban Eurosceptic groups; Irish warned if they reject Treaty .........

Stewart Cowan, 28/5/08

The contempt which the European Union has for freedom and fairness has become evident once again, this time aided by Labour MEP, Richard Corbett, whose amendment to the Parliament's rules of procedure would wipe out smaller groups in the European Parliament and thus give more power to the large pro-EU groups.

One such casualty would be UKIP’s pan-European Eurosceptic “Independence and Democracy” grouping.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, said, ”welcome to your future. This shows an EU mindset that is arrogant, anti-democratic and frankly scary.”

”These people are so scared of public opinion they are willing to set in stone the right to ignore it. Freedom requires the governing elite to be held to account. They must be getting very worried if they are enacting such dictatorial powers for themselves.”

Mr Corbett's amendment would raise the threshold of MEPs required to form a group from twenty to thirty MEPs and who hail from seven countries, up from six at present.

During Monday's debate on the report, rapporteur Mr Corbett explained that his proposal aimed at avoiding excessive fragmentation of the European Parliament.

The last thing Labour wants is the EU splitting up in any way, shape or form. This from the people who devolved certain powers from Westminster to Edinburgh and Cardiff.

Although the amendment was rejected yesterday by one vote, with 15 against and 14 in favour, when the full Parliament discusses the proposal in July, it is expected to be passed, with the help of British Labour and Conservative votes.

Meanwhile, the Commission President, José Manuel Barroso warned the Irish that they will “pay” if they reject the Lisbon Treaty in their referendum next month.

Mr Barroso issued the warning that. ”if there was a ‘No’ in Ireland or in another country, it would have a very negative effect for the EU. We will all pay a price for it, Ireland included, if this is not done in a proper way.”

Please vote NO, people of Ireland, for the sake of us all.