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Feminism: a Curse on Women, Men and Children .........

Stewart Cowan, 19/11/08

Did the CIA use feminism to destabalise society?

Mrs Mary Honeyball is Labour MEP for London. As well as being a politician, she is also a 'humanist' and a feminist.

Mary Honeyball, MEP

She is Labour's spokes'person' on women's rights in the European Parliament. She thinks that abortion is a woman's 'choice' and in places where it is not available is because of misogynists.

I have experienced the same reaction when I have posted on message boards and blogs where coming out against abortion is met with accusations of 'hating' women. I suppose it is the sort of reaction to be expected in a society that has become so dumbed down, sex-obsessed and generally dehumanised that love is hate and death is good if it is convenient for the sort of 'lifestyle' you want to live.

Feminism is another part of 'divide and rule' so common in the world today and it has swept a tsunami of napalm over the armies in the 'battle of the sexes,' so-called, superheating tempers to new degrees.

I offered this link to pictures of abortion and was accused of emotional blackmail. I am not surprised that people who think abortion is a 'woman's right' do not want to consider the actual bloody murder that goes on. This picture of a human life aborted after eleven weeks proves that it should not legally be anyone's choice to inflict this carnage on another human being.

The sadness and anger that has swept through the nation after Baby P was tortured to death would not have been there had he instead been crushed to death and sucked out the womb in pieces or brought out whole and left to gasp his last breath on a cold steel dish in a hospital in a world dehumanised by 'humanism' with its baseless manmade 'ethics'.

Mrs Honeyball and her cohorts want to see three-fifths of women in the EU to be in employment by 2010.

I wrote on Mrs Honeyball's blog that perhaps the most important job a woman can do is to rear a happy, talented next generation. This job is increasingly denied to women as the government/EU tries to coax more and more into work while their young children are looked after by others. It is therefore no surprise that we see a disintegrating society full of dysfunctional, vulnerable people dependent on state intervention.

I asked her where the figure of 60% of women in employment by 2010 came from? Was it an arbitrary number? If not, what does having three out of five women in employment achieve and if this figure is reached, will there be a new, higher target for the future where only women too old, too sick or wealthy enough will not need to work?

Is the EU's plan to totally destroy the notion of family life so that all its institutions can assume the role of surrogate parent? I mean the bodies, whether funded directly by government or through fake charities, that try and control these dysfunctional families, for example, in the areas of 'sexual health,' the benefits system, mental health, the criminal justice system (whether for a real crime or an invented bin, smoking or 'thought' crime).

These systems of intervention and monitoring were called upon far less frequently when most families consisted of a father with a proper job and his wife who looked after the children in their formative years.

Under the pretext of 'equality' once again, IVF treatment is now permitted to be given to women without considering the child's right to have a father, thus further undermining family life and society.

My final question to Mrs Honeyball was what evidence does she have that women benefit from her social engineering, because children don't.

Unfortunately, she does not often reply to comments.

Back to my original question, did the CIA use feminism to destabalise society?

Yes, according to many, like Henry Makow, author (and inventor of the board game Scrupples), who says:

"Feminism is a grotesque fraud perpetrated on society by its governing elite. It is designed to weaken the American social and cultural fabric in order to introduce a friendly fascist New World Order. Its advocates are sanctimonious charlatans who have grown rich and powerful from it. They include a whole class of liars and moral cripples who work for the elite in various capacities: government, education and the media. These imposters ought to be exposed and ridiculed."

The New World Order used to be the reserve of conspiracy loons, but now we see it as a reality with increasing world political and religious leaders calling for such a setup.

Gordon Brown recently called for a New World Order 'to thoroughly reform international financial institutions and create a new "truly global society"'.

If you have not yet explored this coming global enslavement and control mechanism, please do so. I recommend Infowars for starters.

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