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Labour MP rapped for his 'rude' blog .........

Stewart Cowan, 20/11/08

The Labour MP for Newport West, Paul Flynn, has had some of his communications allowance taken away after refusing to remove comments from his blog that make fun of other MPs.

I contributed to his blog for a short time in the summer and was also spoken down to and ridiculed; a good example being the first comment on my 'endorsements' page.

After my very first post on his blog, he obviously searched the internet for more information about me for some reason and found my MySpace page. He replied with, "I did not recognise your name Stewart Cowan but I have found your hate-filled website."

He did not like me stating the facts that the global elite are members of Freemasonry and other secret societies and participate in occult ceremonies at Bohemian Grove and that the 2004 U.S. election was between George W. Bush and John Kerry both members of Skull and Bones a Luciferian cult that admits just fifteen members per year.

As I told him, "I don't hate anyone. My religion forbids it anyway. You politicians are the ones who hate and have engineered a society of fear and suspicion."

I'll be honest, Mr Flynn and I didn't really hit it off. Another of his remarks to me on a different subject was, "The comparison with Rowan Williams refers to your brain power. All parties supported the successful smoking ban. Blogging at 3.00 am. Time you had some sleep."

He manages to insult my intelligence, criticise the time I choose to blog and then orders me to bed! That'll be the nanny state gone mad.

Things degenerated further. He started removing posts (from many contributors who didn't agree with him) and even edited some. He ridiculed me then refused my right of reply by banning me altogether. I signed in again under one of my nicknames to try and clear my name and he banned me again.

Anyway, enough about me. Here is a selection of Paul Flynn's views on Gordon Brown's first cabinet:

  • Jack Straw. Wily self-preservationist. His 'low cunning' would have secured him a job in the Governments of the Vatican, the Kremlin or Mao Tse Tung. As fascinating as a solved crossword puzzle, as tedious as a repeated joke.
  • Des Browne. Has interesting heron nest hair a droning hypnotic delivery plus an unfathomable gullibility. Possibly genuinely believe that NATO will win in Helmand.
  • Geoff Hoon. Good mind infected at an early stage with a eurodrivel virus.
  • Hazel Blears. Birdlike motor mouth of the Blairist catechism.
  • Peter Hain. Successful frontline politico and shapeshifter for 40 years. Deftly straddled left and right camps - painfully did the splits between the two in deputy poll. Ambitiously strives to be uninteresting and universally acceptable by hiding his talents.
  • Jacqui Smith. Barely adequate nervy junior minister.
  • Shaun Woodward: Expresses his socialism by limiting the number of his butlers to two.
  • Tessa Jowell. Weepily clinging on the rim of Olympic political volcano that can blow anytime. Angst-wrecked Blairite, ultimately doomed.
  • James Purnell. Refreshing, open, breezily optimistic. Shows regular glimpses of brain activity. Wasted on dullards task of sport.
  • Beverley Hughes: Aimiable and acceptable face of Brownism.
  • John Denham. Skilfully choreographed his return to office by acting a backbench Government groupie and nark.
  • Mark Mullock Brown. An exciting inspired Brown coup. Will start Labour's self-absolution of Iraq war guilt.

There is a titter or three in there, along with his usual typos, but I think it says more about Paul Flynn than anyone else.

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