The Truth

Goldsmith calls for oaths to Queen.........

by Stewart Cowan, 11/3/08
The former Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, is calling for schoolchildren to swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen. He also suggests a new holiday where we can celebrate our 'Britishness'.

He thinks that swearing an oath to the Queen would be unacceptable to republicans so suggests that "It can be a pledge of commitment to the country, it can be a statement of what the rights and responsibilities of citizens are."

Although, in his opinion, the UK had always "done well" from immigration, he admitted that this was one factor affecting the fabric of society.


Goldsmith and his Labour cronies have done more to stamp out 'Britishness' and cause division in society in eleven years than would have been thought possible in 1997.

They continue to exhibit their allegiance to Brussels against the wishes of the British people. They constantly devise new and ever more devious methods of destroying normal family life in the UK that has been a major cause of so much un-British behaviour and they have been allowing unlimited immigration that Goldsmith now even admits is causing problems.

What is 'Britishness' anyway?

I have heard it say that the Falkland Islanders are the most British people in the world. The capital, Stanley, although small, has hardly ever seen a crime committed.

What's the secret? Perhaps as the population is descended mainly from various parts of Britain, they truly are now all British and not Scottish, English or Welsh.

Maybe they just all muck in and care about each other because they still have their humanity mostly intact. Being so remote, they may not yet have been afflicted by some of the madness that people in many other western lands are exposed to, like the pressure to conform to unnatural and unwelcome political correctness. Mass immigration from other cultures all vying for attention is not an issue. It will be if unlimited Argentines are allowed over!

Maybe we should have the same attitude here in 'proper' Britain. Scrap the Edinburgh Parliament and Welsh Assembly and be happy British folk living in a land without crime?

That is never going to happen, of course, because we are geographically distinct and people feel English, Welsh or Scottish to a greater or lesser degree than they feel British.

So how do we celebrate Britishness?

Perhaps we can celebrate and preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage that has served us so well. Remember our fallen heroes, our great social reformers, inventors, writers and artists.

Maybe we can all muck in like the Falkland Islanders, while still retaining whatever degree of Scottishness, Cornish or East Anglian we feel.

Perhaps we can use our Britishness to have more clout in the world and do good in the world, rather than cause wars (war in Iraq was justified according to Lord Goldsmith) and have some of our big corporations milking developing countries for all they are worth.

Whatever Britishness is, the Labour Party has shown that it despises the British people and cannot be trusted in any wise to rectify the situation. Their tactics are bound to be unpleasant, such as forcing yet more legislation that seeks to control the people and that is bound to lead to more intolerance and the indigenous British people feeling more alienated than ever.