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The Nation Speaks - Part I .........

added 2/2/09

Since starting this website almost a year ago, I have received many emails of encouragement and also messages of despair about the way our great land is being destroyed from within.

I received this email last week from Mr John MacDonald, who wanted to deliver his message to Gordon Brown. He said he doesn't usually write letters and was unable to email the Prime Minister. I know some politicians have stumbled upon this site - from the raw data files and from personal contacts.

I don't know if the PM has ever visited, but with his obvious inability to listen and empathise, I doubt if he does much surfing the 'net.

If you do happen to read this, Mr Brown, here is what Mr MacDonald wants to tell you:

This crime against the British working classes. Namely the hiring of foreign labour to fill British jobs. Almost seems as if Gordon Brown is determined to stir up Civil Strife with this IDIOT Policy of actively allowing cheap labour in from abroad. Everything he does seems to be in favour of Big Business and against the British working people.

I'm a Pensioner and worked and lived through the THATCHER years. That was the worst period of my life. Now it looks like we've got a male Thatcher in Brown. The other Idiocy I must mention is this Government's worse than crazy Immigration policy. Policy? Joke! Get a grip Gordon. I was a Labour voter all my life, as was my dad before me. No More!

LABOUR'S GOING TO LOSE, Mr Brown. Your fault, you and New Labour's.

Is there anyone anywhere capable of running this country for ALL of us and not just the monied classes? The Tory, as always isn't to be trusted.

If I could afford it, I'd leave these shores and let you totally screw it up. You sure haven't too far to go now.

John MacDonald,

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