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The Nation Speaks - Part II .........

added 10/2/09

As you might have noticed, I haven't been adding many articles lately. I will explain another time. I am letting others have their say at the moment. The following email was sent to me by Paul Mullins. Yes, it is very sensible!

Hi Stewart, I am emailing as a result of finding your website when I did a search for the words 'treason' and 'Labour' on google.

First let me say that I am sure thousands , probably millions of Britons share your, and may I say my views, that this labour government has done something that the Nazis, and the French failed to do in successive centuries, that is destroy this country. An act that can only be classed as treason, and should carry the penalty that befits such a crime.

Their selling out to Europe through the reform 'treaty', the broken promise of letting the people vote it out, Blair handing over power to Brown as if it were his right to ellect a successor, and now Labours (Browns) assertion that we are suffering as a result of the Global recession, and not their overspending, a half truth which shows the utter innability of the pondlife which now pervade the government to own up to any mistakes, failures or darn right lies which they have blinded the population with for over a decade.

I always believed that the extreme left in this country were happy to destroy Britain if they didn't get their own way, ie extreme power, but having gotten it, I never believed they would use the guise of New Labour to carry out this treachery.

And lets face it, liberal is now the new socialsm, but with none of the truthfulness that cost socialism the mandate to govern for twenty years. the only thing that liberals want are votes, like the tories, but they are prepared increase the population of this country via the open Eupopean door policy, and try to convince people that there are jobs to be filled which migrant workers can do. Funny how they haven't rethought this view now that unemployment is rising.

Well thats my rant, who am I?

I was a member of UKIP up till last year when I realised that it is as bad as the other parties in as much as all the leaders are from the upper classes, and have their own interests at heart, although they are against our domination by europe, and do a commendable job to expose that trechery, they have little interest in the ordinary man in the street, and are in the majority disaffected tories.

I believe there is a void in British politics which could be filled by a party which has the interests of the British people at heart. Those people who have lived here and worked here, not from some European edit which says they can, but because they want to make Britain great again. I also feel strongly that the MP's who have caused the chaos which now live in should be held to account, and if it's treason, then they should pay.

Put that to the population and see the reaction. Dump the PC, and Human rights garbage which makes people scared to speak out, and remove some of the draconian laws which are seriously threatening our freedom of speech. We are at risk of terrorism, but this has been brought about by this goverments policies, get rid of them, and I am sure that threat will be diminished. And if it's not, deal with the threat appropriately, not by gagging the innocent.

I hope this comes across as sensible rather than a rant (my wife is exposed to those, so I refrain from them now!)

I look forward to hearing your views, while we can still speak freely!

Kind regards

Paul Mullins


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