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A shameful government of cowards that hates heroes .........

Stewart Cowan, 13/12/08

C. Sgt Dura

Colour Sergeant Krishna Dura, of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles, based in Kent, was killed last month in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb. He had served in the British Army for sixteen years.

There is righteous anger in the blogosphere over the threat his widow and two children - both born here - face, not from suicide bombers or snipers, but the "British" Government.

According to Kent News, Shepway councillor Peter Carroll of the Gurkha Justice campaign, said that “The family should be allowed to stay, there’s no question about it. The Government were given three months after the High Court ruling to come up with a new policy and we are awaiting what the outcome will be."

"I just hope it’s not a fudge or a half measure, such as requiring Gurkhas and their families to stay only after serving for a particular length of time."

“This demonstrates how Gurkha families have been treated horrendously."

Looking for a Voice says, "He died four days after Rememberance Sunday, so the crocodile tears of the political classes did not remember for very long did they?"

The weaselly traitors in our Government have allowed our country to become infiltrated with people who hate us and yet seem to be prepared, again, to betray someone who fought for our country.

More from Machiavelli, who urges every decent man and woman to voice their support for C. Sgt Dura's family.

The MP for Colour Sergeant Dura's constituency is Julian Brazier TD MP. He is supporting the family's cause. Please show him your support. I have just emailed him.

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