The Truth

Prominent Judge Blasts Government over its Neglect of Families .........

by Stewart Cowan, 7/4/08

It can surely no longer be denied that the Government has been waging war on the family for years. It has been going on for decades in fact by various groups, but it is Labour's vision to see the state becoming surrogate parent to as many children as possible.

Why? To gain as much control of the people as they possibly can.

Prominent High Court judge, Mr Justice Coleridge, who has 37 years of experience in family law, has warned in a speech to Resolution family lawyers at their annual conference in Brighton, that the breakdown of the family is as big a threat to national life as global warming.

Breaking with the judiciary’s traditional silence, he spoke out against the Government by saying,

"I am afraid that the time has come for family judges to speak out publicly in protest at the way in which the family justice system in this country has been and is being mismanaged and neglected by government."

"The judge criticised the government for not doing enough to deal with the extent of family breakdown, which now affects every level of society, from the Royal Family downwards."

"Mr Justice Coleridge accused the government of “doing very little and nothing like enough” to tackle the collapse of family life."

I wonder if he wanted to go all the way and warn that the Government has a deliberate agenda in place to destroy normal family life.

A comment in the Daily Mail from 'Dan' in London sums it up in one sentence,

"The weaker the family the weaker the individual the stronger the government."

That is why they want the family destroyed, but how are they doing it?

The Government has been weakening families by various means.

Their 'education' system is used to promote sex (under the pretext of 'safer sex') rather than love, respect and marriage; to promote 'alternative' lifestyles as equal to marriage; to encourage children to seek contraception and abortion 'services' behind their parents' backs.

Young mothers are encouraged to return to work as soon as possible and to hand over their babies and toddlers to be looked after in nurseries.

Financial irregularities ensure that couples who live in sin are better off and these 'families' are more prone to separate than married couples.

It is easy to see that the media are also in on the act by trying to normalise everything other than happy marriages.

How many soap opera couples have a healthy, normal, faithful marriage?

As the Daily Mail article reports,

"Families are the cells which make up the body of society. If the cells are unhealthy and undernourished, or at worse cancerous and growing haphazard and out of control, in the end the body succumbs."

Goodbye happy families, goodbye safe and friendly communities, hello a sick, dysfunctional society, eventually to be defeated and enslaved.

We witness it happening now with every attempt to institutionalise the public through sexual health, mental health, the benefits system.

The police are increasingly concentrating on fulfilling government targets by arresting soft targets, while ignoring violent criminals.

This way, they meet their targets easier by concentrating on petty crimes or non-crimes (like imagined 'hate' crimes). The result: conditioning us to live in a police state where the slightest misdemeanor or saying the 'wrong' thing means more fingerprints and DNA samples for their databases.