The Truth

"Constipated by Regulation" as Fruit Police Strike Again .........

Stewart Cowan, 27/6/08

It was announced last week that EU laws to ensure uniformity of fruit and vegetables are to be somewhat relaxed, so it must have come as quite a surprise when after two hours checking his stock, fruit police informed market trader Tim Down that he was breaking the law by selling kiwi fruit that were one millimetre too small (that's 1/25th of an inch).

Mr Down was even warned by Government inspectors that he faced a £5,000 fine if he gave the small, but perfectly formed, kiwis away free, so has been made to dump them.

Conservative MEP for London Syed Kamall said, “As long as it’s safe it should be the customer who decides what is worth buying, not EU or Westminster bureaucrats."

But the powers elite do not want us thinking for ourselves - making rational judgements - using our instincts - because if we did, we would all clearly see the EU for what it is.

This is why they want to train humanity to have brains the size of Mr Down's kiwi fruit.

Tory MP Ann Widdecombe said, “This is overzealous rule-burdened Britain – we are constipated by regulation.”

This is what can happen when we don't eat enough fruit, Miss Widdicombe. Unfortunately, the eurocrats suffer from cranial constipation, when sense and reason just refuse to come out and there is no known mental laxitive for these poor people.

EU regulations just for cucumbers are bizarrely complete. They can be studied on the EU's website which warns, "This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States."

Class I fruit must be nigh on perfect, but the good news about Class II is that "straight and slightly crooked cucumbers" may have minor blemishes (as listed), but the bad news is that "crooked cucumbers are allowed only if they have no more than slight defects in colouring and have no defects or deformation other than crookedness. Slightly crooked cucumbers may have a maximum height of the arc of 20 mm per 10 cm of length of the cucumber. Crooked cucumbers may have a greater arc and must be packed separately."

So the next time you see a cucumber that is both crooked AND has an unsightly blemish, you may want to call the police, or as I suspect, you will decide for yourself whether or not to buy it.

There are much more serious issues, such as those faced by the "metric martyrs."

At court two months ago, "Janet [Devers] was an alleged felon on unconditional bail about to face a plea and directions hearing for a trial which could leave her with a criminal conviction and substantial fines and costs to pay."

What for? Attempted murder? Armed robbery?

She had in fact been "using imperial scales to serve customers who asked for goods to be weighed in imperial measures" and "selling goods by the bowl … to customers who saw the price and product and made a conscious decision to buy."

"Both of these acts are criminal offences … brought to court by Hackney Council despite there never being a complaint by any member of the public, and despite the statements by the Vice President of the European Commission along with front page headlines in national newspapers and BBC news reports that the battle against enforced metrication had been won …’Pounds and Ounces have been saved.’"

"Vice President Verheugen had gone further and stated that it had never been the European Commission’s intention to ban imperial measures and that the use of pre-2000 weighing equipment was actually authorised by the European Directive."

However, on September 13th 2007, two Hackney Trading Standards Officers, Russell Fielding and Audrey Lee seized the market trader's scales (pre-2000!), assisted by Police Officers, including PC Andy Stafford (pictured below).

The Metric Martyrs website has news on more assaults on our British way of life - assaults by enemies of our freedom, paid for by us, using so-called regulations that are not even law according to the EU.

And some people query me when I warn that police state tactics are being used against us!

The only good use I can think of for Mr Down's "illegal" stock is to line up these silly, dangerous jobsworths and eurofreaks and pelt them with the rotting fruit. In fact, bring back the stocks. Let justice have her way!

Seriously though, some of these council employees, policemen and MPs should be sent on Britishness courses (ahead of the immigrants) and as the Lisbon Treaty has been defeated (not that you would know), let us get out of this mad system before it reduces us all to jibbering compliant slaves, afraid of everyone in a uniform - or a T-shirt, in the case of the "Trading Standards Officer," above.