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EU to ban traditional light bulbs, but at what cost to health and the environment? .........

Stewart Cowan, 13/10/08

Several sources have been reporting the imminent demise of the incandescent filament light bulb throughout the EU bloc.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband seemed happy to add traditional light bulbs to the Government's 'banned' list, all in the name of combatting climate change of course.

I could have started this piece in similar vein to an article written last month for World Net Daily (the US is also in line to ban the old bulbs):

"Amidst all the current financial chaos, amidst global pandemonium and the spiraling economy, amidst the dangers from terrorism you'll be glad to know that the U.S. government is still hard at work protecting us from a threat so vile, so evil and so dangerous that it dwarfs all those other petty international and domestic concerns we face as a nation. I refer, of course, to the incandescent light bulb."

Maybe a tad over the top, or is it?

Natural News reports that "according to health advocates including the Skin Care Campaign, Spectrum and even the British Association of Dermatologists, fluorescent light bulbs are known to worsen skin rashes in people with a variety of diseases and conditions including dermatitis, eczema, lupus, photosensitivity, porphyria and Xeroderma Pigmentosum."

"Fluorescent bulbs have also been known to cause migraines and even seizures in epileptics."

"Approximately 100,000 people in the United Kingdom have medical conditions that make their skin sensitive to fluorescent light."

"The groups warned that a complete ban on incandescent lighting for people with such conditions would violate the Disability Discrimination Act, and that employers should also be allowed to purchase incandescent lights if their employees have a need for them."

Normal lightbulbs on prescription perhaps? I wonder what the 'street' value would be.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has studied the dangers of broken compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and cleanup concerns.

Some of their conclusions are worrying to say the least:

"Mercury concentration in the study room air often exceeds the Maine Ambient Air Guideline (MAAG) of 300 nanograms per cubic meter (ng/m3) for some period of time, with short excursions over 25,000 ng/m3, sometimes over 50,000 ng/m3, and possibly over 100,000 ng/m3 from the breakage of a single compact fluorescent lamp."

"all types of flooring surfaces tested can retain mercury sources even when visibly clean. Flooring surfaces, once visibly clean, can emit mercury immediately at the source that can be greater than 50,000 ng/m3. Flooring surfaces that still contain mercury sources emit more mercury when agitated than when not agitated. This mercury source in the carpeting has particular significance for children rolling around on a floor, babies crawling, or non mobile infants placed on the floor."

"Cleaning up a broken CFL by vacuuming up the smaller debris particles in an un-vented room can elevate mercury concentrations over the MAAG in the room and it can linger at these levels for hours. A vacuum can become contaminated by mercury such that it cannot be easily decontaminated. Vacuuming a carpet where a lamp has broken and been visibly cleaned up, even weeks after the cleanup, can elevate the mercury readings over the MAAG in an un-vented room."

I have never bought any of the new bulbs, but I received two free ones in the post a few months ago from my electricity supplier, neither of which has any warning whatsoever about potential hazards or advice on correct disposal and both are staying in their boxes.

Did they never do their own tests or are we considered nothing more than consumers? Perhaps they thought that as infants we received jabs containing mercury-based preservatives, so a bit more of the poison wouldn't make much difference.

Many drinks and crisp-type snacks aimed at children (and adults) contain aspartame (NutraSweet). There has been concern for years about the health implications of this substance. A private individual has conducted her own experiments with aspartame on rats with terrifying results.

Is this one reason cancers in humans have been rising exponentially?

I just mention this as we are taking into our bodies, one way or another, so many chemicals, ostensibly to make modern life better, but we often seem to end up paying for it. Consider some of the 'e-numbers' and their effects, especially on children.

Back to lightbulbs and the comments under this Daily Mail piece suggest that there are big issues with fluorescent lighting and health.

Patrice Lewis continues on WND,

"As an aside, it's never been explained to me why, if compact fluorescent light bulbs are so superior, they warrant their own personal disposal facility to keep from poisoning the air, groundwater, etc. Nor has it apparently occurred to anyone that the energy required to conduct this specialized recycling of CFLs and corral the dangerous mercury completely offsets the potential energy savings over incandescents. The extra time, energy, cost and gas requirements for people to deliver their used CFLs to recycling facilities also counterbalance any individual savings in energy consumption. And how about the fact that almost all CFLs are manufactured in China under staggeringly hazardous and environmentally dangerous conditions by non-union state slaves?"

As for the millions of new bulbs which will be disposed of irresponsibly, what effect will they have on the environment?

This company sells light bulb recycling kits and warns "Each year, an estimated 600 million fluorescent lamps are disposed of in U.S. landfills amounting to 30,000 pounds of mercury waste."

They also state that "It is unlawful for anyone to dispose of fluorescent bulbs as universal waste in the states of California, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin," so wait for even more gestapo tactics in waste removal/recycling here in the UK via the EU down to local councils.

I reckon that the whole environment movement, outside of genuine do-gooders who believe everything they read, is about a) control and b) taxation.

I know I'll be stocking up on plenty of normal light bulbs, but there was talk a while ago that council snoopers will be able to enter our homes to check what bulbs we are using.

I don't doubt the Government will try this in the ongoing process of enslaving us. They must, of course, be stopped!