The Truth

Back Down, Mr Brown, the Lisbon Treaty is OFFICIALLY Dead (thank you Ireland) .........

Stewart Cowan, 13/6/08

It is 'Black Friday' for the European Union as the Irish have rejected the Lisbon Treaty by 53.4% versus 46.6% who voted for.

The Irish Times has an interactive map of how the votes went and also quotes the Luxembourg Premier and Finance Minister Jean-Claude Juncker as saying, "the defeat of the Lisbon Treaty represents a new 'European crisis'."

A crisis for the EU tends to be good news for freedom and common sense!

Libertas, who campaigned for a 'No' vote, listed eight reasons why, stating that a 'Yes' vote would hand over power in 60 areas of decision making to Brussels and that EU law would be superior to Irish law.

That would have been a crisis!

Open Europe's director, Neil O'Brien, said: "This is a resounding victory on behalf of ordinary people across Europe over an out-of-touch and arrogant political elite."

Despite EU regulations stating that all member states must ratify a treaty for it to become law, Britain has already told other EU member states that it will complete the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty whatever the result of Ireland's referendum.

"It is the intention of this government to complete the legislative programme that it has begun on the Lisbon Treaty," a cabinet official in London stated (Reuters). According to the BBC Europe Correspondent Mark Mardell, Gordon Brown has telephoned President Sarkozy to reassure him that the British Government will ignore Irish voters.

Whatever happens, I am convinced that with less than one hundredth of the EU's electorate, the Irish vote will not get in the way of a federal Europe.

We must use this Irish vote to put an end to the globalists' dream (our nightmare) of a one world government by stealth through creating continental superstates, where national sovereignty, even national identity and every freedom, is forfeited.

I read in today's Telegraph that the UN says that the UK should hold a referendum on whether we should have a monarchy. It was the Sri Lankan envoy who raised concerns about this. Syria accused the UK of discriminating against Muslims and Iran complained about our record on sexual discrimination.

You couldn't make it up.

Let us ditch the EU; dismantle the UN; convict the war criminals and then we will make our laws and everyone else can make their laws and we can concentrate on living in freedom and international cooperation can be achieved by free peoples coming together in love and without the grudges and suspicions that politicians and their unholy alliances create.