The Truth

Quislings Ratify Lisbon Treaty .........

Stewart Cowan, 19/6/08

The European Union (Amendment) Bill finished its passage through Parliament yesterday to see Britain become the nineteenth country to ratify the Lisbon Treaty without a referendum.

Conservative peers tried to delay approval of the Treaty for four months, but they lost in the House of Lords by 93 votes after Liberal Democrats voted with the Government.

A few pro-referendum protesters were ejected from the public gallery. How dare they ask the Government to keep its promise.

The treachery will be formalised later today when the Queen signs the Bill into law in Norman French. In her Coronation Oath, she promised to "cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all [her] judgements."

I know it was a long time ago, but someone should politely remind her of her oath so she can cause her Government to give the people the promised referendum.

And I am sure that the 'Law and Justice' that she promised to uphold was not meant to include legislation foisted on us by foreign powers with the ample aid of British traitors.

How times have changed!

All 27 EU member countries, or 'states' as they seem to be conditioning us to say, need to ratify the Treaty for its ultimate success and with the significance of the Irish 'No' vote last week being devalued by many, the hope for its demise appears to rest with the governments of Poland and the Czech Republic.

Europe is full of Quislings manipulating the people into giving up their sovereignty and freedom. Some politicians will even be going along with the charade in the belief that it is the best way to ensure peace and prosperity.

There can never be either in a totalitarian bloc.

We have to unleash the power we all have to save our country from tyranny, because this is the real thing being engineered and it is now or never to stop it.