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London Police Show The Chinese How Brutality Should Be Done .........

Added 8/4/08

James Cook
Monday, April 7, 2008

As somebody that is politically aware but not politically active, I understand the tyranny of the Chinese government & sympathise with the Tibetans as I do with any oppressed people. I don’t have any particular affinity with the ‘Free Tibet’ movement though as to me it is just one of so many things that are wrong in the world.

As someone that was initially pro Iraq war, I was fortunate enough to have been woken up from my mainstream media induced hypnosis by happening on Alex Jones brilliant website I now focus my awareness on the larger picture of the gradual and ever more obvious emergence of the tyrannical, psychopathic world governing elite which of course includes the Chinese governing elite, playing the bad cop role to great effect and in lock-step with western governments as they smilingly play the ‘good cop’, whilst at the same time advancing the police state global agenda, menacingly towards the Chinese model.

It is with this knowledge that I saw on TV Sunday that the Olympic Torch journey through London had been disrupted by demonstrations. It was making its way towards my home town of Greenwich so I went to take the 20 minute walk to where the crowds were to witness the occasion.

There were literally thousands of police, many hundreds throughout and around the crowd but also so many hundreds more filling transit vans too numerous to count, in case they were needed!

This didn’t particularly bother me, as I have never personally been in trouble with the police & my own perception, until now was that they are generally nice to the public but maybe awkward if you are difficult in the first place, but generally professional and not often unnecessarily brutal. Today that changed. I was getting some nice photo’s of the Tibetan flags with the backdrop of the Dome, wandering around, a little video here and there when I heard a fence behind me fall over. I looked over to see that it was and saw three police pinning one person to the ground.

I pointed my camera in video mode at the scene from a 30 metre distance, I gradually moved forward for another 10 metres and continued filming at which point a policeman made an aggressive, flippant remark to me about putting the F#*ing camera away. I’m not an aggressive person but I do stand my ground so told him ‘I’ll film what I like’. I then pointed towards it to his badge number for a second before carrying on filming elsewhere. Then about 15 seconds later he barked an order at me to ‘get behind the police’.

Now I hadn’t walked through any police lines to get where I was, there were quite a few people in my proximity but I wasn’t aiming to be awkward so intending to do as instructed, I looked behind me & saw a tight line of Police. They were facing away, with their backs to me so in the confusion of the moment, I remember thinking ‘I AM behind them!!??’ but had started to take a few steps away from the general scene. Then, without any time to move, roughly 10 seconds after the first barked order, I suddenly found myself literally ambushed by over 10 police officers.

Two on one arm, three on the other, two in front of me, one or two behind and another couple in very close proximity ALL but two manhandling me, shouting orders & abuse. I was shocked & can categorically say I did not resist at all, not one iota and to my absolute amazement I received a punch to the back of the head & a knee in the thigh. I was forced with my head on the ground, heavy force bearing down on me, camera snatched and handcuffed behind my back.

I have never been cuffed before & don’t expect it to be a pleasant experience but my hands were really twisted & it was so tight that my hands are genuinely still numb, whilst writing this over 9 hours later, at the time it was excruciatingly painful. I was lifted up and despite never once struggling, manhandled with the force you would imagine is needed for a crazed killer & marched, stumbling over to a police van.

See picture below for the cuff marks.

I attempted to say to passers by that ‘I’ve been arrested for filming and taking photo’s’ but my head was then forced right down & I was told I had ‘breached the peace’. Inside the police van I was told to sit down by the arresting officer, I was awkwardly trying to do so in the cramped conditions, with my hands cuffed behind me in desperate pain when a second officer shouted right in my face to again ‘sit down’! Still trying, I calmly told him ‘shut up! Who do you think you are?’ He made no further comment and I then realised that the original arresting officer was in front of me looking through my camera.

I told him to give it to me & that I’d committed no crime. His accompanying female officer said the film would be used as evidence to which I replied, ‘I’d be glad of that because it would very clearly show I’d done nothing at all wrong and was attacked for no good reason’. I suspected the officer was deleting video so I told him not to and he replied with a smile ‘I just have’ and put the camera into my inside jacket pocket.

I was then marched out the van, over to a fence & asked for my name & ID. I said I had done nothing wrong so would not tell my name & had no ID which was true (There is no law to carry ID in the UK ). Helpless with the cuffs on, the arresting officer searched through my jacket & trouser pockets for ID to no avail then made it clear that I could either cooperate and they were looking to de-arrest me and let me go home or I could spend the next 12 hours in a police station.

The threat of such inconvenience worked so I told them my details. While they checked out my background and asked about my political affiliations & leanings (of which I have none – I am an individual!), I tried to have reasoned debate & establish the facts of the situation but the two officers literally and knowingly bare faced lied to me about what I did & what they did. They were honestly like a couple of school bully’s trying to shut the conversation down with primitive, but I guess normally effective tactics of talking over me without addressing any points, threatening & shouting down my very calm voice in a trained repetitive manner.

It was 100% obvious from the start from my dress, manner, speech & general demeanour that I was never a threat in the slightest but this officer didn’t like being questioned. The weasel that he was, along with his thuggish friends knew he was NOT there working FOR the public good but to implement the agenda from on high & that I needed to be taught a harsh lesson about the balance of power & who the real boss is in the police – public relationship!

Shouting, swearing, kneeing, punching, threatening, searching pockets without permission, purposefully issuing massively disproportionate pain & attempting to humiliate an innocent witness to events!! That is the new British bobby….The Chinese would be proud!