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Marriage demonised to aid Labour's Policy of destroying the UK .........

by Stewart Cowan, 19/3/08

Members of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers warned yesterday of the impact that breakdown in normal family life is having on children's education.

A Mr Whalley called for "openness and honesty on this critical issue" and said: "If we are not careful we could reach that crossover point when no matter how much we invest in education, and no matter how hard schools and teachers try, they will not be able to overcome the negative impact of broken and dysfunctional families."

His call follows a report claiming that three out of four ordinary families are better off living apart under Labour's benefits and tax credits system.

Hypocrites every one?

Most teachers seemed to be happy to go along with the liberal left's agenda for decades, but now the numbers of dysfunction children from this destructive system are proving too much for some of them to cope with.

As for the Government, they have, I believe, deliberately brought this situation about with the encouragement of their elitist 'advisors'. There is a power struggle going on between the world's elite and the normal citizens. For the elite to gain more control (massive wealth is not enough for them), they want everyone else to be left with next to nothing, including basic freedoms.

This is being done in various ways, one of which is to destroy centres of influence and instruction that do not come from the 'authorities'. Religions, community spirit and families are hated by the elite for this reason.

The traditional family unit normally had the strength and stability for children to grow up decent people with minds of their own. Their willingness to learn and work; to achieve their goals and raise decent families of their own benefitted them, the country and in fact, the world.

That is how it used to work, but that is not helpful to those intent on destroying the fabric of society to realise their own unbelievably selfish goals of total control through attempting to obliterate every decent aspect of human living, to dumb down and enslave; basically to neuter everyone; literally to seek to own our souls.

Of course, many people are now waking up to the fact that Britain has more cameras spying on us than any other and not for the alleged purpose of reducing crime and deterring terrorism, but to watch us, the ordinary people.

If they really did care about crime, there would be more realistic sentencing and the country would not have an open door policy of allowing thousands of known criminals from Eastern Europe and elsewhere into the country to run prostitution and drug operations and pickpocket gangs.

It is easy to see, time after time, that the rhetoric is totally at odds with the reality.

Schools as Brainwashing centres

It does not take long to condition the masses via an 'education' system. As Lenin said, "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." This fits in nicely with another of his famous quotes, "A lie told often enough becomes truth".

Teach them that a same-sex relationship is equal to marriage and family and they will believe it without the backup of a family with a normal moral outlook and the concern about what is best for their children and society.

Teach children about the Theory of Evolution being the truth and they will believe there is no God, unless they have a strong personal conviction and/or are part of a really secure family.

It is reassuring that the evidence for Creation (or as many scientists would cop out and say 'Intelligent Design') is becoming increasingly clear that it is only a matter of time before Darwinism goes the way of the Flat Earth theory.

I can hear some people sniggering at this point, but to quote Lenin again, "A lie told often enough becomes truth".

No dictatorship can tolerate a strong church as is evident not just from history but all over the world right now. For example in China and Eritrea, people can belong to one of the churches that is allowed by the state to exist, but more evangelical type Christians are seen as a threat to the regime so attempts are made to neutralise their peaceful activities with threats of imprisonment and beatings. Brutality has been meted out to these Christians even for holding prayer meetings in private homes.

This has not happened in Britain; our masters have a more subtle method of trying to wipe out Christianity. In schools it is being replaced by a new religion. A 'humanist' writer wishes to give the education establishments this instruction:

"... teachers must embody the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preachers, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in whatever subject they teach, regardless of the educational level - preschool day care or large state university." You can read more here.

This is one reason why the Government is so keen to get mothers out to work: to have their toddlers sent off to be indoctrinated. Of course it may also weaken the bonds between some children and their parents, grandparents and so on as day-to-day contact is reduced thus having the additional 'benefit' of weakening whole family and community structures for the state to step in with social workers and the police with the inevitable rise in crime.

A leading anti-creationist philosopher admits that evolution is a religion and "an explicit substitute for Christianity".

The Government has promoted this new religion, in fact, most of us have and look at what it has done to our country. It has changed from one of faith, hope and love, to one of those same words suffixed with 'less'.

Most parents probably believe there is little or no religion in schools, but in fact the youngsters are been exposed incessantly to this new religion at school and through the various media.

It is a subject which demands a closer investigation in a future article or go and study the mass of scientific evidence for yourself and the trickery that evolutionists use to try and make all their data fit together, totally ignoring the 'evidence' that conflicts with their contrivances.

Damning Conclusions from the ATL Conference

Secondary school teacher Phil Whalley told the Association of Teachers and Lecturers' annual conference in Torquay that 40 to 50 per cent of youngsters born in Britain this year face a greater risk of failing at school because they will be born to unmarried couples or single parents.

Mr Whalley, a teacher at Hardenhuish School in Wiltshire, said: "We all know from professional experience the extent to which chaotic home lives and family breakdowns are damaging the educational prospects of children in this country.

"We know that no matter how brilliant the lesson, or how much has been spent on rebuilding the school, if a child comes in angry and in emotional turmoil because of their family life they will not learn."

"Family stability, or the lack of it, is an important determinant of a child's education outcomes. This means that we have a significant problem in Britain because we already have worrying levels of social dysfunction and family breakdown and the situation is getting worse."

He added: "The great sadness is that the consequences of an unstable family background are felt long into adult life.

"Those who under-achieve in their education are more likely to go on and live dysfunctional lives and be unable to support a stable family life for their own children. "In short, as a society we are in danger of creating an expanding, perpetuating and toxic circle."

Mr Whalley said evidence from 16 countries in Europe and America showed that even cohabiting couples contributed to the problem. They are twice as likely to separate as married couples, he said.

He went on: "Further research shows that even if re-marriage occurs or parents find new partners the damage continues."

"The educational outcomes for all the children in so-called blended families are worse than the achievements of children brought up in traditional nuclear families."

Lesley Ward, the ATL's junior vice-president who has taught for 32 years at Intake Primary School, Doncaster, described the impact of family breakdown.

"Every year we have to check out the surnames we are going to call pupils," she said.

"We have some girls who have got babies by six, seven, eight different chaps. "They don't think they are dysfunctional at all, but look at them from an educational point of view and some of them are very dysfunctional. "Some manage really well but there's a large minority who are struggling just to survive and that leads to a culture of 'If my mum can't buy it, I will nick it'.

"It's exacerbated by the inflow of economic migrants. They perceive them, falsely or not, as taking the jobs they could have."

An ATL survey released at the same time showed that a lack of support at home is the main reason for pupils failing to do homework.

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