The Truth

Coming soon .........and where to buy flags of the world!

Stewart Cowan, 9/4/09

I am in the process of starting a new blog. Once I work out how to incorporate WordPress into my new domain I will post the link here and you can continue to read my thoughts on New Labour and what Gordon Brown’s vision of a ‘New World Order’ will actually entail for us proles.

I may also post items about my many other interests and try to lighten up a bit, although I make to promises.

If anyone can offer advice on how to add WordPress to my site and allow me to add my own advertising banners (for my own websites), then please get in touch. [Not necessary now!]

Update....... The 'new' website is here.

Please consider buying flags and bunting from me. You can buy flags of the world here.

Other information about my flag services can be found here: Flags and Bunting You can find a flag discount code there too.

You can also find a code here to buy World Cup flags and bunting.

Please also visit my new flag blog.