The Truth

Death of the West by the Enemies Within .........

Stewart Cowan, 2/6/08

A press release by the Christian Institute has announced that they are backing the case of two Christians who were warned off by police for handing out leaflets.

"A Police Community Support Officer stopped two church workers from handing out Christian leaflets in public in an area of Birmingham saying, "you can't preach here, this is a Muslim area.""

"PCSO Naguthney (30825) told the Christians they were committing a hate crime by attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity."

The solicitor's letter (pdf) to the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police states that:

"To diffuse the situation our clients left the area and made their way west down Alum Rock Road. PCSO Naguthney called out to our clients that other officers were coming. Two other officers arrived; PCSO Ali and PC Loi. Mr. Cunningham spoke to PCSO Ali and asked if PCSO Naguthney was allowed to treat them in the way he had done. PC Loi advised that it might be wiser if they did not come back to Alum Rock Road."

"The three officers started to walk away and PCSO Naguthney turned around and said “You have been warned. If you come back here and get beat up, well you have been warned”."

I am not sure which part is most disturbing. Perhaps the fact that the actual PC (Loi) backed the idiotic behaviour of PCSO Naguthney.

You could argue that Britain finally stopped being a "Christian country" on 5th March this year when the Lords voted to abolish the law of blasphemy in England and Wales.

As with dumbing-down the population through the media, the agenda of trying to destroy Christianity in the West has been going on for decades.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who is a druid, recently suggested that Britain considers allowing aspects of Sharia law into our legal system.

As with many of our politicians, the enemy is within. At least when the purpose of the Trojan Horse became obvious, the people of Troy tried to fight for their country.

Here, we have been conditioned to lie down and surrender.

People have been conditioned to mock Christianity and believe instead in New Age, pagan or even Satanic belief systems through popular 'culture' and an education system crippled by fear of contravening political correctness.

The young generation has probably never been told how much Christianity has brought to their civilisation. So many of the great scientists and social reformers were believers, driven by their faith in Christ and love of their fellow man to improve the lives of all people.

It is ironic then, that The Earl of Devon, a Christian, who chose not to hold homosexual civil partnership ceremonies at his family home, Powderham Castle, has had his licence to hold civil ceremonies revoked by Devon County Council, thus costing the estate up to £200,000 a year in lost income.

Not content with this loss of income, unforgiving and intollerant homosexual lobby group, Stonewall, wants Lord Devon to lose the inheritance tax exemption he is entitled to for opening his estate to the public.

I mention this incident as part of the subject of the enemy within. As Stonewall and the Humanist-Atheist groups constantly attack people with Christian values, they have forgotten, never knew or choose to ignore what Christians have done for them to have freedom and civilisation.

Although he does not understand false flag terrorism by governments, I recommend this recent article by Bruce Bawer called "An Anatomy of Surrender" and subtitled, "Motivated by fear and multiculturalism, too many Westerners are acquiescing to creeping sharia."

With fear of Islam rising and the West surrendering, how long could it be before Sharia Law gets a foothold here? Could the death penalty for homosexuality be introduced at some stage?

A few years down the line and Ben Summerskill and Stonewall, the liberals and humanists might just finally wake up to the damage they are doing to the country and themselves.

But will it be too late?

What is this article about?

P.S. It has been brought to my attention that some people are having trouble getting past their programming and so are unable to grasp what this article is about.

The 'enemies' are all those who hate our country and our freedom, whether they be the likes of these policemen, politicians, religious leaders who have sold out, council jobsworths, media moguls and especially the elite overseeing the destruction.

It is true: some people really do think that expressing an opinion or believing something they do not, is a 'hate crime'.

They are usually the same people, incidently, who despise me for being a Christian and standing up for such things as family values and against abortion.

It is hardly surprising when there has been so much effort promoting 'alternative' families as normal and dehumanising us through making abortion appear a lifestyle 'choice' that anyone who opposes such things is considered a hate figure and their religion vilified.

I just wish those affected would understand how they have been manipulated and how the UK is being governed on a divide and rule basis.