The Truth

No Photography Please, You are living in a Police State .........

by Stewart Cowan, 19/4/08

This article in the BBC magazine demonstrates just how far along the road of enslavement we are in Britain and shows the fear that exists even while pursuing a popular hobby as harmless as photography.

Paranoia about terrorism and paedophiles is causing confrontations between photographers and the police, other people who set themselves up as 'authorities' and the public.

Stewart Gibson from the Bureau of Freelance Photographers commented, "Everyone in the photographic world has become so concerned we're mounting campaigns."

You can see from the comments underneath the BBC article how widespread the problem is and the fear people have, or at best, awkwardness at taking photographs in case they are accused of being terrorists or paedophiles.

Labour MP, Austin Mitchell, a keen photographer who has been confronted twice, said, "there's a general alarm about terrorism and about paedophiles, two heady cocktails."

He can thank, at least in part, his party's social engineering and fear mongering.

When we look back on old photographs documenting the life of the times, there are many of children playing in the street and of public buildings.

Those who took these pictures did us a valuable service of recording history, but those doing this same service today had better watch out for the law or for paranoid parents who see someone looking at their children through a viewfinder as being a potential pervert.

Some people say that by restricting our freedoms in the name of terrorism that the terrorists have already won.

It is worse than that. With the loss of personal freedom and the rise in police powers, comes the increase in fear - not from the terrorists but from the 'authorities!'

The 'authorities' are allowed to film us without our permission via millions of CCTV cameras, but see what happens when you turn YOUR camera on them.