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How political correctness in the police has perverted natural justice .........

Stewart Cowan, 28/11/08

Brief outline: PC Graham Cogman has been sacked and vilified for his beliefs and conscience. After receiving pro-homosexual material via email in 1995, PC Cogman sent his own giving his Biblical perspective and so was banned from sending internal emails.

After more encouragement was given for staff to embrace homosexuality, PC Cogman emailed colleagues with a link to a website offering support to people who are concerned about their sexuality and thus he was found guilty of non-compliance with a lawful order over use of the police computers and also failure to treat a colleague with politeness and tolerance.

'Tolerance' is so often a one-way street in Britain.

I was so appalled at the treatment of this police officer by his colleagues that I telephoned Norfolk Constabulary for the email address of the Chief Constable.

Here are my comments to him...

Dear Chief Constable,

This email will also be published on my website and I hope to hear your views which will be added to my site.

I am contacting you about the sacking of PC Graham Cogman, who you will be well aware of, and hopefully offer some insight into the injustice done to your (ex-) colleague.

The people who promoted 'Gay History Month' (what did this have to do with the police anyway?) and other events, were allowed their say, but the man introducing colleagues to his interest in helping those struggling with their sexuality has been sacked.

That's not equality. Maybe this was the website in question - "We respect the right of all individuals to choose their own destiny. NARTH is a professional, scientific organization that offers hope to those who struggle with unwanted homosexuality."

Norfolk Police are therefore DISCRIMINATING against people who have unwanted sexual desires and want help.

I understand the mentality. I know it must be upsetting for some folk that there are people struggling with their sexuality and seeking help to remove themselves from the 'gay' clan.

It is a tribal thing, isn't it? PC Cogman was deemed to have 'dissed' the tribe so had to be kicked about by homosexuals and by others groomed to be intolerant by diversity ‘training’.

Ironic, isn't it?

It seems that some people under your command have no humanity when they would see somebody's career ruined for this: for daring to favour his conscience above base instincts. How guilt and hate-ridden must those who complained feel to want a colleague sacked? What are they doing working for the police?

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Learmonth is reported to have said: "This officer's behaviour fell well below what we expect of our people."

Unless there is some aspect of the story that remains hidden, I would say that your Deputy could be prosecuted for slander.

Political correctness is ruining the police. The world's finest have been so re-engineered by bad government that they turn on their own. I don't mean the bent coppers (no pun intended), who deserve to be severely dealt with, but it seems to me that social engineering is causing serious divisions in the police and society as a whole on multiple issues. I would call it divide and rule.

There is no equality, just a hierarchy of ideologies.

The proof is everywhere and rarely more obvious than in the police forces today.

I am also a Christian and also not 'homophobic'. Regardless of how people viewed his motives, PC Cogman loved his homosexual colleagues so much that he sacrificed his livelihood for them.

To view his actions differently, I believe, is dishonest. To try and score points for political correctness by sacking and vilifying him is cruel and shameless.

I hope you will see this case beyond the politics. Police officers should be capable and mature enough to debate in a civilised way with their fellows and not be scared of speaking about a particular thing in case they are treated like criminals as I believe the PC Cogman has been.

If police forces are to regain their trust with the public, they must stop esteeming certain groups more than others.

Do you propose that I and the millions of others who share PC Cogman’s views should also be treated like criminals if we actually say what we believe to be true?

And how many real criminals have failed to be apprehended because of the man hours (or years) wasted on issues like this?

It does not matter what colour, creed or sexual orientation a criminal is. He (or she) is a criminal, period, and the job of the police is to deal with the aspect of criminal behaviour, not be the implementer of government social engineering policies.

Not that long ago, homosexual behaviour was a criminal offence, but after years of ‘equality’ and ‘celebrating diversity,’ our society is more unequal and the only diversity allowed is what the state deems permissible.

The police really should not be part of the process. You should be valuing and upholding morality, not seeing it as a negative attribute in your officers. No wonder we read every day about cases of miscarriage of justice, where the innocent are incarcerated and the criminals snigger as they walk free, metaphorically sticking two fingers up to you, me and the rest of society. I hope you can see how ridiculous it has become.

Natural justice brought about by people of good standing are what our police and judiciary require. I beg that you change the direction of your force by reinstating Graham Cogman and encouraging honour and integrity among your staff by kicking out political correctness.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Yours sincerely,

Stewart Cowan

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