The Truth

How Political Interference is Turning the Police Against the People .........

Stewart Cowan, 30/5/08

A press release today by Civitas, the Institute for the Study of Civil Society, confirms the rottenness of today's police in Britain.

Most of the blame is attributed to the politicians, who have engineered the police to turn innocuous incidents into crimes in order to fulfil targets set by the Home Office.

The author of the report, Harriet Sargeant, explains how the balance of power in policing has changed:

"When officers join the police force they swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen, not the prime minister. Unlike many other forces, British police have never been servants of the state: officers' powers are personal, used at their own discretion and derived from the Crown - until now."

Top officers can earn bonuses of between 5,000 and 15,000 if their force meets Government targets and ordinary officers are under pressure to help them achieve this while neglecting other crimes.

The Civitas report continues, "In order to meet targets, police are now classifying incidents as crimes that would previously have been dealt with informally, classified differently or ignored."

According to the Daily Mail, "One officer was so concerned he told his teenage son to be careful at the end of each month."

From Civitas, "Section 5 of the Public Order Act allows police to arrest anyone for 'threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour within the sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress'. Before the arrival of sanction detections, the police only evoked Section 5 for a public order offence, but now that police can now claim a sanction detection for an arrest under Section 5, minor crime and even innocuous activities appear in a different light."

"Everyone arrested gives a sample of DNA which automatically guarantees a criminal record number on the Police National Computer. A criminal record number affects a young person taking up certain occupations (joining the police for one) and getting a USA visa. One senior police officer confirmed: "We are in discussions with the Americans to make them aware of our system." The Americans find it difficult to understand that a number of our criminals are not criminal at all - simply a result of Home Office targets.' (p.49)"

Rather than tackling crime effectively, the report states, "We are bringing more and more people to justice but they are the wrong people. Like other targets, they measure what was chosen to be measured, not whether the public are getting a good service."

A child stealing a Mars bar is given the same gravitas as murder!

Complaints against the police have risen; the increase mainly from law-abiding citizens.

"Not only do the police seem intent on criminalising those whose offences, if they can be regarded as offences at all, are trivial, like holding open a lift door (p.49); they are accused of concentrating on easy-to-deal-with offending, like speeding, while the real criminals seem to be getting away with it. They are slow to respond to calls, even to serious crimes taking place; often slack about follow-up; and unwilling to tackle persistent anti-social behaviour that blights neighbourhoods."

While there are more police than ever, their excuse is that there are not enough police officers compared to other countries.

The USA, for example, has vastly more police than a few years ago, yet has the world's highest prison population, higher even than China, a communist dictatorship with four times the population!

"The deluge of paperwork imposed on the police by Whitehall means that just 14% of officer time is spent on patrol (p.17)"

Harriet Sergeant recommends getting the government out of policing and the removal of targets.

All in all, this report highlights the very serious dereliction of duty by the Government regarding our once much-admired and respected police.

It also shows how serious criminals are living free, directly as a result of resources being used to train the general public to fear the 'authorities.'

I believe the evidence points to this being the real agenda.

Real criminals are generally after personal gain and rarely a threat to the ruling elite, unlike some law-abiding citizens who are seen as a threat by working for justice and decency in society, concepts seemingly alien and undesirable to the elite, who want the masses immoral, dumbed-down sheep for easy herding.

When "the wrong people" are routinely being arrested, we know we are living in a police state.